Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaders in Investment Community Speak Out for Employee Free Choice

by Seth Michaels, May 11, 2009

A coalition of investors, representing nearly $400 billion in assets, has stepped forward to say the Employee Free Choice Act is the right move right now to protect workers and strengthen the economy.

In a letter to Congress, 26 leaders from the investment community strongly endorse the Employee Free Choice Act, saying that it’s critical not just for the cause of human rights, but for business, too. The support of these business leaders is a valuable corrective to the anti-union spin and disinformation promoted by corporate lobby groups.



Anonymous said...

Who are the people buying most of the products moving thru our country today its us the American workers. Not the rich not famous but of course they do buy stuff. We the consumers buy and sell and trade 90% of the products sold here. Without money we can't do that and we can't contribute to our Economy with pay cuts and part time hours. Any extra money that may have or could have been spent on consumer products Must now go to medical and other lost benefits. These companys that award the rich and drag along the working class are killing our Economy and putting us in the Unemployment lines don't care. The Employee Free Choice Act has so much power that it could take from the rich and reward the poor but the most Important fact here is we could turn our Country around tomorrow with all the buying and purchase power as well as keep the Unemployment lines down. People make this world go round not welfare lines.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with wht pm supervisor Jay Caceres thinking it is okay to joke around and call people names making fun of people who work under him. he must be some kind of bully by picking on people who are subordinate to him. This is outrageous behavior and is totally unprofessional and unexceptable. Just because you don't like someone you do NOT have to berate them by making fun of somebody's physical appearance, HR needs to be contacted immediately. Anybody have that direct line to contact that info Fedex line? I am pissed.

Anonymous said...

That PM Sup Jay has been playing games for a long time. He acts like he's some kind of nice guy while he's up in Carlos's office talking trash about people and harassing pro Union employees.

Ralph said...

It's good to see the truth come out on a two faced supervisor. I can't believe Jay kissing up to Andy and then bad mouthing Andy when he gets out on the dock. And if he bad mouthes Andy why does he harass the Union workers?

Ralph said...

Do the PM supervisors all get in a line when they're in Andy's office to kiss ass or what?
How does that work???
I have never kissed ass that must be why I don't get promoted. Everyone knows hard work does not apply to get promoted in this company it's all about who you buy lunch for and quite frankly I would not want to be promoted around here if I had to put my lips on another man's ass. The supervisors must have to use some good scope to get that taste out of their mouth. yuk

Victor Viking said...

"The supervisors must have to use some good scope to get that taste out of their mouth. yuk"

It doesn't do a damn thing for their breath, either!

Ever get a lecture from a stupidvisor with ass-breath?

Like you said, "yuk."