Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here's My Spin Russ Of SBO

Negotiations between the Office staff and Teamsters are over now. The Office staff employee’s have accepted a new 5 year contract, 117 yes to 1 no.

If this was a perfect world we would have not started this organizing drive 3 years ago. Times are hard these days all over the U.S., but at least the office staff is able to bargain and negotiate a fair contract that even the opposite side can agree on.

What bargaining power or options do you have Road Driver, Local Driver, Dockworker or even Office employee of FedEx Freight ?

Or should I say “at-will” employee? Don’t you wish you could have the bargaining power to negotiate a fair contract? To keep your seniority and job title intact? Keep your full time status? And still have medical benefits?

You can! Get involved in “Forming” a union at your terminal now!
What we lose today, we’ll have to negotiate back tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

You just don't get it; you really need to go flip burgers.