Friday, September 4, 2009

P.T. Scabbing At FedEx Freight

All P.T carriers are scabbing your work, what are you going to do about it? Sit there and surrender your Rights and Power, or decide to built your committee and arrange meetings at your nearest Teamster local. All I know we the P & D drivers pick up freight for you linehaul drivers to work and not for those Scab interline carriers.Don't give Corporate the glory of them screwing you guys out of work. Corporate see that no one is going to do anything about it, so why not fight with us 35% of employees for Unionism. Don't let management like Santiago Rios Jr state that it is cheaper to hired outside carriers than union drivers. If I was there that day I would push those other drivers who heard Jr.Rios to file a NRLB charge against FedEx Corporate for allowing Jr. Rios to act as agent for the company and admitting that cutting linehaul work to P.T SCABS is becase of Union activities. Now that is a Federal violation of the NRLA, is an act of retalation of the company because of our union activities.


Joe Nuno said...

First all everything went well today at the 30th Labor Day Parade in Wilmington Ca, people from all Union Family listen and our politician are being educated on what is going on at FedEx. We must spread the message across our nation about FedEx Corporate Greed on how our Brothers and Sisters of our Labor work force are being affected, by cutting their salaries and taking their benefits away while Corporate still makes 35 to 37 billion dollars. Here is a question for Mr. John Hinkley southern California regional manager why would you allow SCABS into our system and take our freight away? When we the LINEDRIVERS, LOCAL DRIVERS and DOCKWORK help produce your salary? Let me add something else John Hinkley, when we become a Unionize company we will still be working as hard as we been working now, the only difference is we will have a voice without retaliation and some dignity and respect as an OLD SCHOOL VIKING FREIGHT SYSTEM EMPLOYEE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey John Hinkley do you remember when Tito Ayala the combo driver from the ANAHEIM TERMINAL talked to you at the combo meeting at 5 am about the way he was being abused by the anaheim terminal manager your body Mike Hutton well the same day Tito was called into Mike's office and asked him why he's complain to John Hinkley about the way we treated you at anaheim regarding your review this driver was cut 50 cts at every review by Mike Hutton John Hinkley didn't do a F.....G thing to help this driver for 2 years and half i guess this driver must have been doing a good job now why Mike Hutton was cutting 50 cts at every review this was a retaliation against this combo driver becouse he complain 3 times to a 3 different HUMAN RESOURSE MANAGERS IN SAN JOSE CA and also for being a union organizer at anaheim terminal " AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT" we want to remember this driver AT THE 30TH LABOR DAY PARADE IN WILMINGTON CA Tito we hope you comback soon to organize at our gardena termial.

Anonymous said...

This is another retaliation from John Hinkley against fedex freight union supporters by allow SCABS to steal our job into our system lets schow some balls by calling sick one day a week at all terminal in California then J. Hinkley will know who produce his salary LET'S SHOW FEDEX FREIGHT THAT WE HAVE DIGNITY AND RESPECT NO MORE RETALIATION AND ABUSE AGAINST US THE FEDEX FREIGHT WORKERS.LINEDRIVERS,LOCALDRIVERS DOCKWORKERS MECANICS.

Anonymous said...

Hello,Mr Joe Nuno very well said,I hope these cry baby line drivers come to there sences and smell the coffee,I would also like to see more line drivers show up at these meeting all I ever see at these meeting are local drivers and dock. Hardly any line drivers.Come on line drivers what have you got to lose at this point grow some balls,I can't do it by myself.GAR LINE DRIVER

Anonymous said...

You are damn right we should remember this anaheim combo driver at THE 30TH LABOR DAY PARADE IN WILMINGTON CA Tito was the #4 union organizer in southern california beside Joe Rudy in FTA Sal Hernandez WHT Tito in ANH 3 years ago when he was invited by this 3 union organizers to a union meeting at local 952 orange ca when management knew about Tito being a union organizer they treat this driver like shit no full raise no miles shit runs lot dock time they force him to quit finaly he was suspended for abandon his job that's a lie this driver was sick that night CLC dispatcher let Tito go home after being calling CLC 3 times that he was ill from LOS ANGELES to his domicile ANAHEIM this driver worked 11 1/2 hours from 7;45 pm 7;15 am he was fired a week later THAT'S ANOTHER LIE FROM FEDEX FREIGHT MANAGEMENT. GAR P&D EX ABUSED COMBO DRIVER.

Anonymous said...

From JMF1955 out of FTA.

Today I saw a set of Fedex Freight trailers NB on the 215 just past the Ramona Expressway. They were not attached to a Fedex Freight or National tractor. Some completely purple metallic independent sleeper tractor was attached.

Has Fedex not learned anything from the lawsuits it has lost? The Fedex Ground "independent contractors" have more guts than we do... They sued and won. We are still arguing and pussyfooting around about having the Teamsters represent us.

The time to act is now... We need to act before someone comes in and undercuts us all. At least with a union: We won't lose everything; Customers won't get shortchanged; and FedEx will get the message that the cheapest way is not always the best or most expedient way.

JMF1955 said...

Today, around 5:45p, I saw a set of FedEx Freight trailers NB on the 215 just past the Ramona Expressway. They were not being pulled by any FedEx tractors. All I saw was a metallic purple sleeper tractor. Definitely not something that would be allowed by any FedEx snapshot twit.

Has FedEx not learned anything from the lawsuits it has lost? If anything, I suppose they have; Local drivers don't actually bring in the shipments they pickup on their routes. They drop their trailers, hook the set, then have some independent contractor bring them to the "hub" terminal. The route driver bobtails to the "hub" terminal, meets the independent (who drops the set), and unhooks and unloads the trailers.

Granted, this scenario is more than likely the first reaction that came to my mind... Albeit, given the past actions of FedEx, I would not be surprised.

We need to send a very clear and concise message to FedEx. This is not how to treat the people who work for you. The cheapest way is not the most expedient nor is it the most economical way to do things. At least FedEx Ground sent such a message to the "Master". They had the intestinal fortitude to say "Enough". We, on the other hand, are still arguing and pussyfooting around about whether the Teamsters are the right avenue for us... We might upset someone.

We need to act. We need to act now, before the scenario I fleetingly envisioned comes true.

Anonymous said...

Like i said let sue fedex freight lets do it just like walmart they got about 500 plus lawsuits for abusing workers if you need sombody with a big balls to help to sue fedex talk to ROY TAILOR SAC TITO AYALA ANH OR JESSE LOPEZ WHT they have the intestinal fortitude to say "enough" no more abuse of power Roy Tailor still working at fedex WHY becouse he sued fedex freight before the company retaliate againgst Tailor Tito and Jesse sued fedex after they were fired for being union organizers i can't F...g understand that nobody want to sue this company im a lay off driver losing everything becouse there is no work at fedex i got lay off now fedex is using INDEPENDENT SLEEPER TRACTORS PULLING OUR TRAILERS becouse SANTIAGO RIOS JR said is cheaper than use union drivers THIS IS A LABOR RELATION BOARD AND SUEING ALSO IS A AGE DISCRIMINATION CASE BY FORCING SENIOR DRIVERS TO QUIT LETS DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME THE SACRAMENTO LAW FIRM IS WAITING FOR US.FOR ANOTHER CLASSACTION LAW SUE PLEASE GUY DO IT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND MY FAMILY TOO "THE LAY OFF LINE DRIVER"