Monday, September 28, 2009

Second Week of the FedEx Organizing Campaign

Teamsters Canada's organizing team is beginning its second week of the FedEx organizing campaign.

It began on September 14 at twenty terminals of the small parcel delivery company.

"The organizing team has put together an efficient, professional campaign and I congratulate them on their excellent

work," said Michael Crawford, Teamsters Canada's organizing director. "We are starting the second part of this operation with confidence."

The and websites had hundreds of visitors during the first few days of the campaign, a clear sign that the FedEx workers want to learn more about the benefits the Teamsters Union has to offer them.

This week the two websites feature answers to questions frequently asked by future members, such as how the Teamsters Union can protect what workers have already acquired and about the union dues.

In addition, Teamsters Canada has launched a Facebook group called "FedEx Teamsters Canada" to keep workers abreast of the latest developments—in real time.

"The tools are in place, the organizers are talking with the future members of this great union and the response from workers has been excellent," added Mike Crawford. "FedEx workers are going to discover that the Teamsters Union doesn't just talk. We deliver too!"

The Teamsters Union represents 125,000 members in Canada in all trades. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which Teamsters Canada is affiliated, has 1.4 million members in North America.


St├ęphane Lacroix, Director of Communications, Teamsters Canada

Our Time Is Coming Soon People And The Company Will Be Starting Their Anti-Union Campaign Also! Check Your Mail Boxes !!


Joe Nuno said...

This is a fine example of our Brothers and Sisters in Canada, 2 weeks and they are making progress. It is time you all just step up to the plate and stop those wishful thinking of Viking, cause those memorys are gone, let the pass go, cause you all are just going in circles and going nowhere. Some of you fellas think John Hinkley is going to bail you out of your misery, wrong, John is not going to do squat shit, John is only going to take care of John Hinkley. Just reading some of the comments here are not leading to any results, some of you guys are stuck in PleasantVille, looking at everything in black and white, wake up to reality. Rudy and myself(Joe) put our Union sign up 3 years ago and continue to putting it up. We were'd the Norman Rae of our kind, and now we have others joining our Union drive, cause we all believe we all can make a CHANGE. Remember the only people that can make a CHANGE its YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

John Hinkley didn/t do a F.....G thing to help Tito a combo driver from the anaheim terminal when he ask John for help when the anaheim management. David Castaneda whittier dispatch and Roger Boring from fontana terminal were treating this combo driver like shit for being a union organizer forcing him to work more time on the dock and cutting runs the only runs that David and Roger gave to this combo driver was los angeles runs 13 miles or 22 to gardena terminal this driver was living a misery life for two years plus John Hinkley didn't do shit to help this driver instead he got him fired for being a bad apple"UNION ORGANIZER" so don't spect that John Hinkley is going to bail you out your misery Mr Joe Nuno is right those viking memory are gone,let the pass go wake up to reality Hugo Arias, I and others put our union sign up two weeks ago just like our brothers and sisters in canada we will step up the plate gardena p&d ex abused combo driver please Mr Joe Nuno post the next meeting at the ocy union hall.

Anonymous said...

this process is taking a long time if canada is going union how come were not. fedex will start doing some good things for employees soon and all this union stuff will just be another dream that never was. the teamsters are starting to lose steam in some yards and fedex will look like the winners when they start making employees happy again. its now or never and the teamsters should be at all the yards in the comming weeks passing out flyers and asking for support. so when is the next ocy meeting.

Anonymous said...

maybe some one can tell us how fedex can take local drivers on overtime 9 hours or more and then send some of us to berdu or whtt on mileage pay and not keep us on the clock with overtime pay. are they breaking the law on this and how do we report it and to who. maybe someone knows how they do this and the loop hole they use. where are the teamsters my brother in law at national says get them some flyers and when is the next meeting in ontario.

Anonymous said...

Like i said you're "AT-WILL" fedex got the right to do what their're doing to the drivers the only way to stop this abuse by fedex freight is to form a union and get a contract or file a "CLASS ACCTION LAW SUIT WITH THE NATIONAL LABOR RELATION BOARD" for forcing workers to work long hours without paying over time this is another way to stop the abuse all you have to do is to grow some balls and fight for what's yours i was a combo driver here in gardena now a p&d i got forced to work long hours and i know how that feels like remember that if you refuse to make a run fedex will fire you for refusing to work they can force you up to 14 hours on the clock remember this is a none union company and fedex freight can do anything they want and that means no unemployment benefits fedex will call the unemployment office saying something else you did just the way they did it to Jesse Lopez in wht or Tito Ayala in anaheim heard a p&d ex combo driver got fired after 7 years in anaheim he got fired for hitting a wall while he was pulling out i know this driver he was in favor to form a union at his terminal but he was afraid becouse he knows a lot of ass kissers in anaheim he didn't want to get fired like Tito for union organizing we used to talk in sbo and wht i hope you fight for your unemploymemt benefits becose the company will do anything to deny your benefits they did it with Tito Ayala and they lost at the hearing this driver ex combo never came to the teamsters meeting becouse he was busy on weekends if you care about your job come to the meetings if don't you will be fired this driver did not get no warnings no suspention for hitting the wall and he was fired AT-WILL this is how fedex reward good workers like i said you are AT-WILL if fedex freight was a union company teamsters would have save his job and keep his senioryty " i guess that's how fedex freight deliver the purple promise"no greavence no arbitration no union no future and you're fired AT-WILL.gardena p&d ex abused combo driver see you at the next ocy meeting oct 4 at 8:30am at the teamster local 952 orange ca.

irudedog said...

The next ocy meeting is oct. 11, at 8:30 am.
I need more info from you like what terminal you are from and your name. Please contact me at

The reason the company does these things with the drivers is because they can. Without a contract this is a good example when all the cards are held by the company.

Anonymous said...

I seen this report from other drivers who are forced to make these combo runs after working 8 or 9 hours on p & d and being forced to take mileage and not overtime. I know the traffic is a real killer between 4.30 and 8 pm so these drivers are really being screwed by the policys fedex has and the power fedex has to do this. If they want to change this to overtime and not mileage, they need to form a union and get a contract that says overtime is a must after 8 hours no exceptions. until they do this all bets are off, fedex can and will force drivers to work for less pay when thay can get away with it and they can right now. go teamsters and see what happens then. you will be happy, still working long hours and running some combo but happy that you are now making 32.50 an hour or whatever you currant wage is, at overtime.

Anonymous said...

Again Tito you are missinformed this driver was fired for not reporting the accident which would happen to anyone.Rudy I know you will not publish this but you guys need to get rid of Tito he is a fucking idiot who can not get his facts straight but im sure some other morons actually beleive what this idiot writes