Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bare Knuckles Was There


Large turnout. Very impressed. Motivational speakers. True Teamster support and pride in that room. Standing room only. Should have been an even larger turnout in my opinion. As the cheers and whistles and roars rang through the room, I couldn't help but notice the eyes of the dozens of FDXF drivers who spanned the room while true Teamsters were showing their support. You could see that they were inspired. I know this wasn't the first meeting but it was the first one that I witnessed. But from what I understand, it was the first one that was visited by heavy hitters from the IBT, who were there to assure the attendees, that they were about to kick off a campaign that was fully supported by not only the rank and file but national officers from the IBT it's self. I know that more drivers and dock workers would like to attend these meetings but they are concerned about retribution. I am here to say that Fed-Ex is not going to terminate anyone for bogus reasons, at this point. With all the negative press that Fred Smith has managed to cloud his empire with, it would be extremely foolish. They are in the spotlight for labor law violations, disputes with UPS over labor law classification. Threatening Boeing and members of Congress if Fred doesn't get his way with legislation that Fred doesn't agree with. Class action litigation involving it's employees etc. etc. DO YOU THINK FDXF NEEDS MORE LEGAL PROBLEMS, OR BAD PRESS??? Come on people, let's spill out into the parking lot next meeting and force the local to rent out a bigger facility for the next event, so all voices can be heard. Now is the time to show up in force. I met Joe and Rudy as well as several of the other guys. Their intentions are pure. They understand what this industries intentions are. They understand that without Teamster representation, their futures will on the short end of the tire thumper. Your brother always, BK.



Anonymous said...

IT was nice to see Jesse Lopez WHT and Tito Ayala ANH at the teamsters meeting since they were fired for being union organizer hope you guy get your job back after sueing fedex freight for wrongfull termination. Fdx freight is not going to terminate anyone for fogus reasons at this piont it's too late now the labor board is coming to fdx fght soon.

Anonymous said...

rumor mill has it a VP is comming to visit some yards soon could it be they seen the 100 plus folks out in Orange this past Sunday ready to make a change for their future. TEAMSTERS LOCAL 952 Sounds great to me brother.

The Dude said...

". . .could it be they seen the 100 plus folks out in Orange this past Sunday ready to make a change for their future."

Doesn't this make you feel good all over!!

Anonymous said...

can someone pass the phone number to call about being forced to work overtime. is it legal to force employees to work overtime ? thanks. by the way great turnout sunday except they should have ordered in food for us needy fedx folks. maybe someday we can afford our own lunch after all most of us are getting 500 dollars a month soon from that sucked up pension if we retire at 68 years old or we can get out at 65 with 225 a month wow the bonus's never stop do they.

frankiez said...

To Rudy,Joe and anyone who received the letter from Fedex informing you that your Viking pension will top out at around $600 a month.
Something didn't quite add up when the statement was made by Rudy at the last meeting in Orange.
Thinking about it and receiving my current statement from the retirement center it dawned on me.
Here it is.My hire date was 2/28/1987,I retired with 23+ years.
My gross check(and it is gross) is $1253.50,my net check is $1238.19.
My point is that at least some of you have more service in then me;so why do I get what I get and why are you getting screwed?
Could it be that Fred Smith figures he f^&*$d you so much he can have his way with you and you'll buy it?.
I know I would look into it.
Ahem,at the risk of sounding trite and repeating myself-WITH A TEAMSTER'S CONTRACT THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN.
Think about it,and,of course,
Don't Shoot the Messenger

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