Thursday, November 5, 2009


This Sunday’s meeting at 952 in Orange Ca. is an opportunity for all Southern Cal. FedEx employees to stand up and be counted. Let the IBT know that the time is now! That we need their help to make this company one of the strongest unionized company in the United States.

The organizers that are at your local terminals have brought us all to this moment. Now it’s up to the rest of us to take charge and ownership of this campaign!

It’s time to stop being cheerleaders and time for us all to be LEADERS!



Anonymous said...

i was caught off guard today arriving a little late to see over 100 people out in orange today. wow i was impressed and want to thank the teamsters from 952 and the other locals that gave up their sunday to show us support. Thank You. jd

Anonymous said...

AT the 952 this weekend I loved it when the Teamsters gasped when they heard how much FedEx retirees, and employees got up and told how much their retirement pay is, or is going to be. The Teamster retirees at the meeting are greatful that they with their decent pension are free of many of the concerns and problems that FedEx retirees do now, and will have in the future. To gain Freedom people really need to get rid of thier fear and ignorance. We got a good reception at the Whittier yard on Friday. However there were a couple drivers who drove out of the yard with their heads held low. What a sorry shame they were to themselves and their families! These are the same sort of people that wouldn't buy an ounce of gold off you if you were trying to sell it to them for $50. They are uneducated and and or afraid to buy even if it is for their own good. We, all of us who know the truth will have to continue educated these other workers as to the truth in these matters.

Anonymous said...

Incredible turnout at the big meeting at the 952 this weekend! Standing room only, I was impressed! Some people that said they were going to be their but didn't, or wouldn't make it; I would have given up my chair for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you think that some FedEx retirees in the future will get together and talk about how great it was working for FedEx? Me presonally I don't think so! Many Teamster retirees still get together and go to meetings. I guess maybe if you are a pilot or some job in the company where you negociated for a respectable contract. I think I'd rather be a Teamster than retire in a cave.

Anonymous said...

401k match no. cost of living increase no. dock employees working without benefits yes. seniority respect no. work or linehaul being done by fedex employees only no. paid tranportation pulling trailers of freight while line or combo drivers are off work or stuck on the docks yes. happy employees no. union wanted yes. union needed yes. union comming yes.

Anonymous said...

"United We Bargain! Divided We Beg". What a crock of horse dung that is!

It never ceases to amaze me how people fall for the crap the union tells them. How come you never see the union trying to organize the small mom and pop trucking companies? Becaue there is no money in it!

You think things are bad now? Just wait until the union takes over! Your Union "Brothers and Sisters" will make you think they love you. They don't. They just want your money so they can give it away to political candidates or organizations you may disagree with. You think the Union bosses don't play the same political games as the corporate heads? Wake up!

Have any of you even attempted to use the open door policy to get resolution to your problems? And I mean used it? Gone all the way up the ladder, or are you all a bunch of wimps just hiding behind the coat tails of a bully/ thug (union) to get your way? And who says you need to PAY the union to do this for you? If there are so many of you to fill a union hall, why not stage your own walk out (without the unions help?). Talk is cheap, action in the light of day is more expensive.

But then again, if you're so damn miserable at Fedex why don't you leave and go work for the financially troubled YRC,or ABF, or any of the other big Teamster companies...oh wait.... there aren't any. Hmmmm, what does that tell you! IBOT(sounds a lot like ROBOT) doesn't care a rats ass about you. All they want is your money.

They will tell you anything you want to hear, but never put it in writing. Promises made mean nothing unless they are in writing and can be enforced.

Back in the day, the union was useful. Today, they are just another corporate entity only worried about their self preservation. Ask how much the union bosses get paid while YOU walk a picket line. It sure as hell isn't anywhere near what the measly strike pay is that you'll have to feed your family on and pay your mortgage with!

Elections have consequences. Voting the union in may feel good in the beginning, but sooner or later you'll realize the HUGE mistake you made and you won't be able to change it without a massive legal effort. Ask the older drivers from OVERNITE about their struggle to RID THEMSELVES of the union.

Buyer beware! A fool and his money are easily parted.

This has been just a little advice from a former So Cal Viking now FedEx P&D driver who has been all over the system but is now in Phoenix.