Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anaheim Driver Says ...

United we stand.
I am one of the most optimistic workers in FedEx. But, I am beginning to wonder where we stand. I realize Fred Smith it trying to manipulate the U.S Congress with his threats of purchasing aircraft from Europe (France) instead of the United States. To purchase those aircraft from the French, where labor unions are that Nation’s norm; simply means that Mr. Smith only wants to sh-t on American labor. This wealthy segment of America hates the very foundation that helped build its fortunes.
This is sociopathic greed; you simply want reap the rewards and rather than extending some rewards to the American workers who are the foundation of your enterprise, you would rather give it to the French who more heavily unionized than any American company. I don’t understand this level of selfishness.
A market economy flourishes when goods and services are delivered; revenues are earned and a percentage of the profits are distributed amongst the labor force that helped create those revenues. Those dollars would be redistributed back into our economy in a price system set by supply and demand.
The West Virginia disaster a few months ago killed 29 miners and has been blamed on chronic safety and maintenance violations by the mine’s owners, which have been accused of calculating that it was more cost-effective to fight citations and even eventually pay fines than to immediately correct unsafe conditions.
Now we have that horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that will threaten the livelihood of Fisherman and many other industries in that region. These are high level corporate decisions where greed is the foundation which may eventually destroy our way of life if continued unchecked.
As FedEx workers our little piece of this pie is a union contract which will guarantee safe working conditions, job classifications, a grievance process, and a livable pension plan for our retirement.
It is time to get this ball rolling; the continued political, economic, and industrial news we receive every day is a constant remainder of our need to take immediate action. The time is now!


Anonymous said...

Where's Larry. Carlos. Jesus. Bob. Bill. Mike. Kim.Brian.Phill.Handly.Carpenter.jerry Tito.What's going on in anaheim terminal i don't see my bodies in anaheim terminal anymore anybody from anaheim can tell me was going on.Sacramento road driver.

Anonymous said...

Anaheim is going union ...from what I heard from some drivers anaheim

Anonymous said...

I had an in law who was a driver for Fed Ex. His brother died and he was not allowed to take time off to go to the funeral. He quit. Later on they realized the error and asked him to come back. By then the damage was already done. Even primitive societies are not this cruel and inhumane. Do these huge monstrous companies grown by greedy, uncaring, sociopathic CEO's not understand humanity? Is an extra dollar worth selling your soul? Is this what America is becoming? Economic Slavery, predatory CEOs, a loss of human rights, the loss of a great nation to dysfunctional and inhuman greed. Jim Collins says sometimes you can only see your point of failure looking backwards. Does the power complex of big business and American politicians sitting in their pockets not realize they are destroying the American dream, their ways are unsustainable. I am disgusted. Today a Fed Ex truck sped by and I was told a complaint couldn't be entered without the number of the truck. It sped by, who can catch it? Fed Ex is too big to be accountable. It is a monster, another too big to be beholden to decent society. This isn't what makes America great, it is what ruins it and why people are ready to vote for someone like Trump. They are sick of the dysfunction of the power elite. I laugh, I read where founder Fred Smith was indicted for forgery, let off for that and a hit and run. Money buys justice or the lack of in this country, sociopaths rule.