Friday, May 7, 2010

FedEx Organizing Goes Global

I have received some information from our friends in Canada that there is some interest in organizing FedEx in Australia. Now some will say " what does this have to do with us?" It has no direct effect on us, but this shows us that what ever problems we have here in the states, may not just be here. If other employees from around the globe see a need for a Union in their work place, we must be heading in the right direction.

Time for us here in the United States to show our fellow employees from around the world, that we are brave enough to organize FedEx here!



Anonymous said...

If Fedex employees want to organize so bad why is it taking so long to organize???

a non believer turned believer said...

Who are to complain that its taking so buddy? The ones who should be complaining are Joe and Rudy! They started this 4 years ago and told us all that things were going to change. But many of you did not believe them. Most of you believed the managers at your terminals. And look at what happened. Dock workers made part timers. Line drivers into dock workers. Independent carriers taking line work away.

Maybe, just maybe if all of us who where afraid back then and had the balls to step it up and speak 4 years ago "where is the union at?" Where were you 4 years ago asking then " whats taking so long?"

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Not Rudy,Joe or the Teamsters. Ourselves.