Friday, May 14, 2010

James R. Hoffa

" Your union is proud that it is made up of men and women who have the gumption to fight against injustice at a time when it seems to have become very unpopular to fight. Those who control the nation's money, and with it segments of the political world and the press, have done a slick propaganda job against the working man's right to fight for a better way of life."

December 1958


Anonymous said...

1958???? Get over it this is not 1958 this is a new age and a new time. Go Fed Ex Freight yay team Fed Ex

irudedog said...

This just shows your ignorance. This shows us that unions were very important at that time in history. And to show us that these times are going back to then. This is what happens when a "free market" is left unchecked and the people who are hurt is "LABOR".

Larry said...

Fedex cares nothing about their workforce. The employees are treated like garbage and left to pick up the scraps. Unnacceptable cuts in wages health benefits have left the employees weak and devastated. The economy turns around but will dock workers get their benefits back. Hell NO.
Will employees enjoy the benefits we had back when we were Viking ie company picnic, VPEP (remember that?) HELL NO

Does management run and hide like little cowards when the Union comes around? HELL YES

Anonymous said...

"Does management run and hide like little cowards when the Union comes around? HELL YES"

I offer another answer: hell no.

They dig their heels and and subtly work on people's minds and perceptions. It is clear that the only way to prosper here is to organize into a union, but there are people here who disagree because they were told (promised) differently.