Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FedEx Loophole Prevents Express Drivers From Joining Unions

As many as 100,000 workers who drive trucks and deliver packages for FedEx Express face unfair obstacles to organizing unions because the company has been misclassified under federal labor laws, according to a new report from The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.
The report, "Railroaded out of Their Rights," explores the history of FedEx Express' coverage under the Railway Labor Act (RLA), a 1920's era labor law that was intended to regulate the railroad and airline industries. FedEx Express has lobbied aggressively to remain covered under the Railway Labor Act (RLA), while similar package-delivery companies such as UPS are covered under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).


irudedog said...

Two drivers have reported that they have seen a set of FedEx Freight trailers heading west towards Los Angeles today on the 10 fwy. They were being pulled by a PT tractor. If anyone see's this also, please take a picture of these drivers so we can show our senators what's happening in the west.

Send photos to changefedextowin@yahoo.com

Joe Nuno said...

I saw a gray freightliner with a sleeper and a set of FedEx freight trailers heading southbound Etiwanda at about 011:25 hrs. This set was going to make a right on Riverside Dr, probably going to National Ltl. I think this is bull shit because between FedEx Freight and National Ltl are Manipulating the system. This is why we have lost 153 million dollars, ever since we let Harrison Arkansa run the show, we are losing in the west. Santa Clara management of old Viking was alot smarter than this inbreed of Arkansa!!!