Friday, June 4, 2010

A Message From The FedEx Mechanics Website

Fellow FedEx Express Employee,

As we all already know, we keep hearing that the inclusion of our legislation into the final FAA reauthorization bill will most likely take place prior to the Congress's recess for the July 4th holiday. If this all bears true, June is the most important month to all of us.

The House and Senate are currently attempting to reconcile their two bills to attain the final bill. We all know we need our language included in the final legislation. It is paramount that we use this time to contact every legislator to make sure they are of the mindset to include our language, the Express Carrier Employee Protection provision. Encourage the decision-makers through phone calls, letters, emails, and personal contact to go to our newest website, Encourage them on behalf of all FedEx Express employees to include our legislation in the final FAA Reauthorization Bill.

Help the legislators to check out our FAA fact sheet which gives a common sense, but tongue in cheek comparison of training, licensing, qualifications and duties performed by pilots and drivers. This helps to point out how ludicrous Fred Smith's argument to keep all of FedEx Express under the RLA really is. The FAA fact sheet taken directly from our FedEx Drivers Aren't Pilots website, asks the million dollar question we are all waiting to hear answered:

Are FedEx Drivers.....Truckers or Airline Pilots?

In fact, download the FAA fact sheet by clicking on the underlined phrase and distribute it to our fellow employees, your legislator, your newspaper and anyone else you talk to, so they can decide for themselves whether FedEx Drivers are actually Pilots. We think not.

Keep up your great work and encourage your coworkers to do the same. Don't let it be said that "I did not do everything I could to get our legislation passed".


Your Organizing Committee for Change at FedEx Express

Our website:


Anonymous said...

hoffa life where r u when we need u????

Anonymous said...

Fred; If you consider me a pilot even though I drive a truck, then pay me like a pilot. If not, at least pay me a wage that's comparable to what a UPS driver makes.