Monday, June 14, 2010

Anaheim Driver Says

The Los Angeles service center has taken manpower management to a new level; commonly known as terrorism, yes, terrorism. Los Angeles management made it mandatory for hourly employees to view anti-union videos (propaganda) and sign statements denouncing unionization. This is simply a scare tactic, pure manipulation focused on the uninformed and the uneducated segment of FedEx employees. Are we entering a new phase of Human Resource Management? Are we entering a new era of employer vs. employee warfare? If so, I pray that it remains non- violent.
According to the National Labor Relations Act (or Wagner Act) which is a 1935 United States federal law limits the means with which employers may react to workers in the private sector that create labor unions, engage in collective bargaining, and take part in and other forms of concerted activity in support of their demands. Employers cannot prevent employees from organizing or participating in union organizing efforts.
Whatever LA management used to manipulate their FedEx workers into signing, there will be legal ramifications.
What is truly sad is that every manager at the Los Angeles service center could be deported if pulled-over without their birth-certificates in Arizona.
So to me, that says that the sorry group of managers in that non-diverse part of Arkansas singled out the minority controlled service center in Southern California to conduct this Nazi type program.
Patients are wearing thin, organize now!

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