Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Brother and Sisters of FedEx Express Need Our Help

We are nearing the end of our fight and it can go one way or the other. Our two Senators are the ones who are protecting
Fedex and allowing them to have an advantage over every other shipping company. If it was not for them this FAA safety bill would have easily passed with the fedex language in it. It is more important to them to let one company have a one up on everyone else over getting a very important aviation safety bill through. Please if you have the time to call them and  let them know that this is wrong. I always thought when you have a majority in the house and senate (in this case democrates) you could get things done. But I now know why our country is in the shape it is because nothing can get done. 2 republican senators can make a saftey bill that has taken years to put together go down the tubes. This bill will effect anyone who fly's at anytime on a jet. We are trying to stop allowing uncertified mechanics from working on the jets our friends and family fly on. Overseas they have no drug tests and need no licence while we in the united states are held to a much higher standard. Who do you want working on your planes.
They have extended the money that goes to the Faa and other aviation things at least 7 times and they say this will not happen again so the pressure is on either to let fedex get away with anything they want or to pass the bill with the language and protect our loved ones. Its confusing with all that is going on and thats the way Fedex likes it but these are the facts I had laid out.   
Thank you and get all your friends and family to call their Senators in there state and tell them to vote on the Faa reauthorization bill with the Fedex language in it are the two Senators numbers to call.

Robert Phillips Corker, Jr.US Senator from Tennessee(202) 224-3344

Andrew Lamar Alexander, Jr.US Senator from Tennessee(202) 224-4944 

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