Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's on you (a post from LTL Boards)

A driver gets pulled in for an inspection (true story) and gets a ticket for a chunk of rubber missing from a tire. Pretty common since the SHIT EQUIPMENT we pull has any different number of tires on it, ie, worn drive tires on trailers or on con-gears just to start with. The driver contacts FEDEX and tells them the ticket was written to him, not to FEDEX, FEDEX tells the driver you might have caught that on a proper pre trip. I guess I missed the part in the pre trip dvd that showed moving the unit up a foot or so to check the bottom of the tires. Or maybe it came off during the run somewhere. $ 84.00 ticket. PAY THE F...ING TICKET DON.

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irudedog said...

Here's a good example of the lies put out about the unions. They say that the unions only want your money. If this was true don't you think they would be knocking the your door or at the gates with pledge cards?
But if you get caught with bad company equipment by dot. Who does the company want to pay for that? $84 is more than union dues!