Thursday, July 8, 2010


Approximately 850 former Teamster employees of Consolidated Freightways (CF) have un-cashed or undeliverable payments due to them stemming from the 2002 CF bankruptcy, and time is running out for them to collect their money.

The vast majority of the 14,000 affected Teamster CF employees have received money from the 2002 bankruptcy, but the union has been unable to locate approximately 850 former employees who are entitled to payment. As freight Teamsters, many of you may know former CF Teamsters. Below is a link to a list of ex-CF Teamsters who are owed money.

If you know ex-employees on this list, please contact them and let them know that they may be entitled to a payment, but they must act now to claim their money. Any employee who is listed must respond on or before July 30, 2010, or they will lose their money.

If you know any of the listed former CF Teamsters on the attached pdf, please urge them to visit Any employee on the list must call (414) 223-0408 to claim their money, and must do so on or before July 30, 2010. More information is available at

The list contains names of ex-CF workers and their local union numbers. Not all local unions are available.

See list here.

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