Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rude Awakening

Mira Loma service center is up for a rude awakening, they are not adapting to FedEx Freight’s work policies. Hearing words from an inside source, that the Ax is out. It's been almost 30 days and they are still not picking up the pace.
For example, our late P & D dispatch doesn’t know California’s state law’s about meal periods. We have P & D drivers that have pickup accounts that required staying all day long loading. When their lunch comes up, they depart from their account on the wand for lunch and drive to a restaurant, and here is the uneducated dispatcher telling the drivers not to depart on wand from customer, but rather to log on lunch on wand at customer and drive to pickup their lunch and drive back to customers. They tell drivers that they are stealing company time by breaking off at customers. Are they fucking kidding me of the procedures, do they not understand that you cannot operate a machinery on your lunch hour, that is consider an interruption of your
meal period, what are the chances of an accident on off duty? You think dispatch or management will back them when they have an accident on their meal period, hell no!!
My advice to dispatch, be wise and follow the right procedures of FedEx Freight and not the National LTL way...
For the drivers that been violated of their meal period, here is the phone number of Attorney James Ashworth 707-738-4552

Meal periods


Joe Nuno said...

Re: National's Management is up for a RUDE AWAKEN

the new scanner program will not allow you to drive during your lunch. it will take you off lunch and show "vehicle in motion". when taking your lunch, the lunch screen is in two parts. one screen shows "enroute" and "arrive". then your on lunch screen with the minutes ticking by.

they can not give the scanner the ability to emit a sound at 30 minutes, but they can put in a woman's voice telling you that you have a new message or a new pickup. you can't hear the voice while driving, but by the beeps, you already know what you have. scanner does not need the voice telling you what you already know.

Information by Papa on LTLBoards

Anonymous said...

Its the Mira Loma red shirts again on a power trip.


I was able to speak to a few guys that have left Mira Loma and have moved to SBO, due to the FXNL and FedEx Freight merger back in January 2011...of this year.

Each and everyone of the people that moved, have stated that working at SBO is 100 percent, times two, better than working at MRL under Mark Link and his minion dispatchers....Juan Contreras, Josh Bowers and some new guy that only his first names matter as Jose.

So, once again the non leadership and non FedEx policy following OM Mark Link has been singled out as a real loser. But, somehow this guy keeps his job and his deceitful and lying, DEVIL DISPATCH crew intact at MRL.

So, the consensus once again has been proven for the third and half year that ALL of us at MRL, from the City Drivers, the dock workers, the OSD office clerks, and even the line haul leaderships....THINKS that Mark Link is way over his head and needs to be replaced for lying and not following FedEx policy.