Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Do You Think?

Can somebody give their opinion on this subject, last Monday ( Feb 14 ) I started work at 4:00 am with 4 other drivers. We were told to run 5 sets from MRL TO FTA without CLC dispatch papers or without a wand. No indication of any logging of mileage,the OM from MRL said it would be under yard time, and the funny thing is the OM from Fontana didn't question why we brought trailers without documentation. Hmmm, could they be hiding something? My opinion is, there was violation of Federal D.O.T, Interstate Frt, or how about violation of T.S.A.



irudedog said...

Isn't it funny that we are told every freakin' day about procedures and "snapshot". Yet these supervisors put you drivers in danger by not following "corporate's rules"?

Hey Neil Both, did you give these red shirts a verbal, write up or better yet, a "coaching"? You know they would do this to their drivers or dock workers in a heartbeat!

MRL City Driver on the list said...

You mean the OM Mark Link in City. He has been a liar from day one and still is liar to this date. He will lead you to a dead end every time. Does not follow company policy. But, he does have a HUGE backer with the title of SCM...BOB TILLET. Another dope...that does not lead by FedEx Policy. It really is unheard of having these leaders still in their position, after making so many mistakes. Day after day after day.