Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking Bread With Bob Tillet Part One

Old Bobby Boy Tillet decides to break bread with a few of his drivers. However, once again Bob Tillet is an absolute fool. This guy brings to the employee round table meeting, bread product from Panera Bread! HUH! What? You have to be kidding, was the remark I made after a person in leadership called to tell me this. Bobby, after all your failures and non-interaction with the employees, your obsolete and sedition investigations. You go out and decide to bring bread to a round table meeting. A meeting with guys and other employees that, still to this day have no clue as to who you are, but what you represent. An absolute failure. Here, Bobby Boy…let me give you some advice on trying to warm up to 500 or so employees that have no clue as to who you are, but an empty suit. The first thing you do, you buffoon is to NOT bring bread to a meeting! Especially meetings, with a room full of people that think you are an idiot. Here is the semblance of the bread being brought to the meeting, Bobby Boy! Bringing bread represents to people a number of symbolisms. However, everyone at MRL can go out on a limb and be safe from falling into a pit of alligators, when they all feel this way about you bringing BREAD to a round table meeting with a hand full of employees. Here is why: SYMBOLISMS OF BREAD: SO THE SIMPLE MIND OF BOBBY BOY CAN UNDERSTAND HIS OWN DUMB MISTAKE AGAIN! Maybe he should host another company Bar B Q for the low bill count around that place! Someone's bread and butter - someone's basic income; someone's livelihood—the source of one's food. (I can't miss another day of work as a FedEx driver my bread and butter is in the overtime!) NOT! 10-19 or if you are an office worker going home in six hours as a full time employee at MRL. Stand up, NOW and be counted!) Bread always falls on the buttered side - When things go wrong, they go completely wrong. (Not only did my phone break, but it broke today—today of all days, when I'm expecting a really important call…from customers! DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER HOW LONG THE PHONES WERE BROKEN WHEN BOBBY BOY CAME, THEY WERE BROKEN FOR WELL OVER SIX WEEKS…IF NOT LONGER.) Our former and much better SCM, Henry would have been all over AT and T. In fact he had been all over them…I remember one day turning into the yard and he and Rich Meyers were out on Riverside talking to AT and T, standing by transformers and a ditch AT&T dug! What did Bobby Boy…do…he let the phones ring in Los Angeles or not ring at all for six plus weeks. When we were trying to take all of YRC freight and stomp their necks. Kind of funny, now thinking that maybe BOBBY BOY…was helping out his old company YRC stay afloat! Someone should investigate that situation and find out, why he kept the phones out of service for such a big break bulk, missing pick ups and trailer swaps at some major customers. WHY? Bread and water - the most minimal meal possible; a meal as once was given to prisoners. (Usually used in reference to being in prison or jail. Or just a plain old institution such as FedEx has exemplified itself as! Bobby Boy I guess you are the warden of that old greying heap of steaming brown promise. If you stare at it long enough, it will turn PURPLE…and maybe promise you something. Maybe a diamond!)


thrown under the bus employees said...

BEWARE, Bob Tillett is giving captive meeting regarding concerns and issues happening in Mira Loma, and we know nothing is ever going to be resolve...why because this clik will denied everything! As of now one of our group is been confronted by Josh already. He said to this individual why he was trying to Fuck him over? This is bull shit, by having this meeting is going to weed you out.
This meetings should done by an outside personnel out of Mira Loma staff.
Bob, mark, josh, Juan and jose will just back each other up, way to go Bob !!!!

a concern line driver said...

That's kind of funny your mentioning this Bob still might have some insights with YRC. Years ago when Nations Way Trucking was around, the owner of NW hired a 2nd in command to be Vice President of the company while the owner of Nations Way went to manage the Colorado Rockies. You see the owner of NW bought the Team and had the passion for this Team, he wanted Denver's team to achieve in the world series. Now the guy that was hired to run Nations Way trucking was originally from Yellow Frt. Well as time went by, the owner of Nations Way notice the business was slowing down for NW and all other trucking companies were successful.
So one day the owner of NW decided to drive to NW corporate office and as he was driving there, he noticed his Vice President passing him and decided to follow him.
As he was following him he notice that his Vice President was heading to Yellow Frts yard and continue following him.
The owner of NW stay aways back and sure enough his Vice President pull into Yellow Yard and watch him come out of his car with a bunch of manila files in his hands.
So as his Vice President walked into the Yellow building, the owner of NW got off his car and walked to the building and went inside and found his Vice President of NW at a round table with others from Yellow Frt, and there on the table was all the files he had brought with him, spread out.
The owner of Nations Way went straight to his Vice President and fired him in the spot.

pelayo or pelado said...

no wonder jose Pelayo is the worst dispatcher ever in mira loma, he was only a clerical in slg. he's never been a driver or a dockworker! that son of bitch texts you when you're driving and he knows you can't response right away and what the fuck does he have the nerves to do again? is to text you again, and on his second text he will said final warning and advise because you're not answering his 1st text while you are driving...need dispatcher that's been drivers in the past, aleast they have a much better sense of direction

Anonymous said...

It should be mandatory that anyone who works as a dispatcher must have prior experience as a driver first. That way there's a better chance of them being able to route their way out of a paper bag.
They have almost no clue about the distance between stop 1 & stop 2, how long it takes to get to the next stop and they never factor in traffic.