Saturday, May 14, 2011

SnapSHOT |  The Driver Section

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Joe Nuno said...

Well this explains everything, the stupidity of filling a log just from Mira Loma to Fontana, because rule is under a protected guide under Government Regulations (money)...Or how about where we have to waive our 2nd lunch before our 9 1/2 hrs, and if you don't waive before, It's a write up.

How about the way we fill out our DR's, no said to contain, pieces only or pallets only, no amount of pieces on a SWS, or else is a write up, because is under a snapshot compliance Government regulation(money)...

Trailer numbers on bill of Lading, sorting your DR's in the order of manifest, and about 25 other rules under snapshot compliance to keep in your head.

Everything on this snapshot website describes everything FedEx does, I am not saying this website is affiliated with FedEx, but explain everything!

yoco ono said...

5-11-11 UMKC Labor Education Controversy, New Union in CA