Friday, September 9, 2011

FedEx Considers Orders for 50 Freighters

FedEx Considers Orders for 50 Freighters Decision to buy freighers may not come for several months FedEx is mulling buying up to 50 widebody freighters from Boeing and Airbus to update its aging fleet, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Negotiations center on Airbus’s 330-200 freighter and Boeing’s 767-300 freighter,Bloomberg said, citing unnamed sources. The order may also involve the conversion of 767 passenger jets into freighters.

A final decision on the multi-billion dollar contract may not come for several months and could be delayed by a weakening economic outlook and the risk of FedEx losing U.S. Postal Service contracts. FedEx is the largest contractor to USPS,which said this week it is pushing its suppliers for $1 billion in annual savings.

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MARIO said...


Anonymous said...

Making money off cutting people's health insurance and pensions is the Fedex Freight Way I prefer to call it Fred Smith Classic. This is one of the worst companies in the world

Old School Watkins said...

Amen to being the worst company, now that some of the union supporters left Mira Loma to Fontana, Mark Link will start hammering on us driver's here.
Nobody here backs anybody because of Fear that's put on the employees...Bob Tillett terrorized SLG terminal before, and continues to be that monster here in Mira Loma.
With Bob, Mark, Alex, Sasha and Josh who is the worst dispatcher along with that fat prick Josè, this terminal is a hostile environment hazard.
Neil Both you don't give a Damn shit about fixing the hostilities here, all you care is about your Numbers, you don't have a heart about humanity.
Neil, you should really open your ears, word is none of the Mira Loma managers like you, they talk bad about you.
Wake up employees of Mira Loma, we need to form a union here, as long as Mark and his banana washing dispatcher continues to terrorize us, all will be more feared and not be able to mobilize because of fear.

Anonymous said...

any one who votes against the union deserves all the shit the company can shovel at them and fedex management has a big shovel .

Old School Watkins said...

Snapshot auditors are here in Mira Loma, hope they nail all the banana washer managers now.

Old School Watkins said...

Come on Alex, let's see you do your dirty tricks, help Bob and Mark cheat the number system while Snapshot auditors are there.
Attention Harisson Arkansas, you should pull all three managers out for a week, Bob, Mark, and Alex plus Sasha, and see how your numbers will drop.
See the truth, see the bull shit scam Bob and Alex pull, see Mark Link change numbers all day, making his percentage move up.
Making Larry Jones his all star driver, see how he lets his dispatch give him certain pickups to brighten his performance.
By doing this method, Mark can use Larry as an example to Fuck us over, write us up for not making our performance.

mark link said...

Yeah,I want to appolagize for fat "Charlie Brown" head Josh,you know you're right,he is the worst dispatcher around,but he's loyal to me,& does whatever I tell him,& I mean everything,Yes,I know he doesn't know what he's doing half the time,like changing the drivers pickups like 10 times before he actually gives them the final decision,but see what happens is that he needs to ask "fat prick Jose" for his opponion before he makes the final if you guys have to drive in zig-zag,unti he stops changing your pick ups,I really am sorry,but hey just kill the time.!!