Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Can A Union Do For Me? Part 2

All back pay, including overtime, his bid job back, and a written apology from the TM.....That should answer any and all questions you asked but I will elaborate.

The man in question is a model employee and as straight as a grizzlies dick but that has no bearing in any of this mess. Only the facts regarding the accusations do.

This particular customer accused one of our employees of theft. Big problem. The video they provided my company with didn't prove a damn thing. My company postponed and stalled to acquire an enhanced video. Still no proof of what they were claiming. The company labor man was trying to cut a deal with the local shortly after the first attempt to stall on the enhanced video. They had made a huge mistake and he knew it.

This customer and our TM put an employee from my company through hell on speculation rather than fact. How could you think the local made my company look bad? That question completely baffles me.

Had our TM a pair of balls between his legs this problem would have never gone to a hearing for a decision. There was a day and time when something of this nature would have been taken care of in a matter of minutes rather than weeks at the expense of a mans family and health.

As it stands now I hope and pray that this employee hires an attorney and pounds the living hell out of said accusing company and our douche bag TM with a civil law suit. They both deserve what ever they get.


irudedog said...

Goes to show us all the importance of having a Collective Bargaining Agreement that Russ,Jr., Andy, Greg, Mark ,Bob and Fred Smith don't want us to have. A VOICE. RESPECT. POWER!

Anonymous said...

Man,u seriously need some writing skills.The way you write the story is still very difficult to understand.You can start by using punctuation correctly....So who is this driver,so I can call him and ask him to tell me the whole story ?

Joe Nuno said...

Man,you seriously need to stop being a coward manager, you've got the nerve to ask for his name.
You can't even put your name as well, you got no balls.
Here is my name, yes the blue letters on top of this comment, this is how you blog, not anonymous

Former Freight said...

Is that why you're still at Freight?