Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Can A Union Do For Me?

What can a Union do for me?

I would like to share another victory for our local and all Teamsters across the nation.

A little over a month ago, a co-worker was accused of theft by one of our customers. Not the theft of anything we carry for them, but the theft of personal property from their breakroom. The accusing company provided a video of the alleged crime. After our TM viewed said video this worker was terminated and escorted off the property. A call was made to our local by the TM and the business agent was informed that this video was quite damning. Our local began preparing the case.

As of Thursday the 15th of September the terminated employee was informed he will be back to work in his original position with all back pay including overtime for the month or so he was gone. A written apology from the TM will be included in the settlement.


Anonymous said...

????? Explain yourself better,why did the TM call the local, & how did he get his job back,did the video show he did it or not,& if he did,union or not,he should be terminated.!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Nuno said...

The guy was innocent and never took anything, terminal manager assume there was a video. There was no evidence on video, if videotape and accuse of wrongful doing, then the law says you must see the video with other witnesses. You can't go on speculation...!