Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conway Freight

As of today 10/4/11…I was given the green light to let everybody know here at Change FedEx To Win
, That Conway Freight has started an organizing drive with the Teamsters.

Our prayers and best wishes on your organizing drive!


San Fernando Line said...

that's great that the Labor movement is going forward, I've talked to alot of drivers from Conway last night, and they've confirmed this post.
I've heard from them that management are directly questioning them about their union activities.
I know for a fact that Conway management is violating their Right under Sec 7 & 8 of the National Labor Relations Acts.
I've told them last night about the union meeting is happening this Sunday, and they all said they were'd aware already, there is going to be alot of Conway employees at local 952.

Floyd said...

I'm definitely going. Those guys always bring donuts.

Joe Nuno said...

Your Rights in the United States

You have a legal right to:

Join a union.
Attend a union meeting on your own time.
Talk to a union organizer.
Declare yourself a union supporter.
Assist in forming a union.

Employers are forbidden by law to engage in certain conduct. Your employer may NOT legally:

Threaten you with discharge or punishment if you engage in union activity.
Threaten to shut down business if workers form a union.
Prevent you from soliciting members during non-working hours.
Question you about union matters, union meetings, or union supporters.
Ask you how you or other workers intend to vote in an election.
Ask you whether you belong to a union or have signed up to join a union.
Transfer you to or assign you to a less desirable work assignment because of your union activity.
Threaten to terminate your benefits because you unionize.
Threaten a layoff or loss of jobs in retaliation for voting for a union.


The Process:

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) provides a process to allow your workplace to become a Union Workplace. This process culminates in an election that is legally binding upon your employer. Those eligible to vote in this election are known by the NLRB as Bargaining Unit Employees. They are your co-workers. It is important to know that "Supervisors and Management" are not allowed in the bargaining unit and therefore do not vote!

Joe Nuno said...

Brother and Sisters of Conway
Your managers can't S.P.I.T


Joe Nuno said...

The most important sections of the NLRA are Sections 7, 8, and 9.
Section 7, is the heart of the NLRA. It defines protected activity. Stripped to its essential, it reads:

Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid and protection.

Section 7 applies to a wide range of union an collective activities. In addition to organizing, it protects employees who take part in grievances, on-the-job protests, picketing, and strikes.

Section 8 defines employer unfair labor practices.

Five types of conduct are made illegal:

Employer interference, restraint, or coercion directed against union or collective activity (Section 8(a)(1))

Employer domination of unions (Section 8(a)(2))

Employer discrimination against employees who take part in union or collective activities (Section 8(a)(3))

Employer retaliation for filing unfair-labor-practice charges or cooperating with the NLRB (Section 8(a)(4))

Employer refusal to bargain in good faith with union representatives (Section 8(a)(5))

Threats, warnings, and orders to refrain from protected activities are forms of interference and coercion that violate Section 8(a)(1). Disciplinary actions, such as suspensions, discharges, transfers, and demotions, violate Section 8(a)(3). Failures to supply information, unilateral changes, refusals to hold grievance meetings, and direct dealings violate Section 8(a)(5).

Section 8 also prohibits union unfair labor practices, which include, according to legal construction, failure to provide fair representation to all members of the bargaining unit.

Section 9 provides that unions, if certified or recognized, are the exclusive representatives of bargaining unit members. It prohibits the adjustment of employee grievances unless a union representative is given and opportunity to be present, and establishes procedures to vote on union representation.

The NLRA sets out general rights and obligation. Enforcing the Act in particular situations is the job of the NLRB.

Rich M said...

I wonder if Cam Newton is pro union?

The warrior (ltlboards) said...

Unfair termination at Conway's Downtown Service Center Driver gets suspended and terminated for doing or thinking he was doing a good deed by getting frieght into terminal in a timely manner after locking himself out of his tractor by Manager Paul Styers and Co. Administators and B.O.D. This is the thanks you get for going the extra miles for your employer. A KNIFE in the BACK after scratching thiers.

Kenny G. said...

Yes, Cam Newton started his career with Yellow as a member of Local 420.

conway chick said...

Cam and I worked together at Conway until he was let go for unescesary ruffness. Thats why we need a collective barganing agreement today!!

Santa Fe Spring Ex Con said...

Not sure a union would have helped Cam, he was caught hitting a security guard. Watch Dogs, could he have been helped?