Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bill Logue Meeting at Mira Loma Terminal 1-17-2012

President Bill Logue had meetings at our Mira Loma terminal yesterday morning. It was more of a how great the company is doing plus anti-union bashing.

When it came down to questions from the employees about rumors of mira loma losing p & d routes and becoming strictly a hub for rail loads. He had no comments, because he didn't know what was happening in this region?

A person who is put in this position and is paid a hefty salary to not know what is happening at his company is a waste of money to me.

He also mentioned about our tractors in the future. We will be getting new kenworths and volvos only. The company wants to have two companies to work with, so fedex could have some bargaining leverage to buy tractors!

Funny when you think about it. He'll bargain with other companies of tractors. But does not want to bargain with his fedex employees. So we can get a good a deal!

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Joe Nuno said...

This proved to all, that Bill does not for the employees...
He only cares for his daddy Freddy and himself.