Friday, January 20, 2012

FedEx Freight On Rail

Six trailers heading to San Bernadino rail yard. This could be three line haul drivers work. Instead of them sitting at home waiting for work or working on the dock!

The time to organize is NOW!

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Turk 182 said...

Working the dock would be a luxury for some of the P&D guys in SBO, who still have time left on their shift (2-3 hours worth), and when they try to hit the dock to get their 8, they're told by the dock supervisors that they have to go home while a part-time dock worker gets to stay instead of the full-timer!!!

Where's the justice in that Unca' Fred?!?!?!

I'm just waiting for the red shirts to ask me to participate in the TDC this year, lets see: I get sent home before a part timer, and now you're asking me to come in on a saturday and work for free?!?!

But that's what we get for NOT having a contract with FedEx.

How much more can you take?!?!