Monday, January 23, 2012

Okie from Tulsa on Facts About ‘Right to Work’

Right to work,is nothing more than a political way of misleading the american workers,its all funded by the greedy ceo''s true right to work means you do not have to join a union to work for a company,but they failed to tell the voters,the company has the right to terminate you're employment at will,and they have the right to not give you a cost of living increase,they have the right to do what ever will put you in the poor house and keep them in there mansion,funny how they forgot to tell the voters all that. Now that we have been educated,lets send the greedy ceo's a message and tell them right to work is just wrong,and we can do that by voting in the teamsters for all the right reasons.
Vote YES for the teamsters when it gets to your terminal,enough of corporate greed.

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Joe Nuno said...

You now have the right-to-work-FOR-LESS in Indiana

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels took his state backwards on Wednesday - signing legislation to make Indiana the 23rd "right-to-work" state in the nation. It's the first state in ten years to go right-to-work and also the first state in the nation's manufacturing belt to adopt a right-to-work law, which starves labor unions of much-needed funding.

So what can workers in Indiana expect now? First off - lower wages. It's really right-to-work FOR LESS - as the average worker makes more than $5,000 less in wages a year in right-to-work-for-less states versus free-bargaining states. They can also expect less healthcare - as 21% fewer workers on average receive employee-sponsored healthcare in right-to-work-for-less states.

And finally - workers can expect more workplace injuries. Without unions to ensure safe working conditions - right-to-work-FOR-LESS states experience 51% more workplace injuries and deaths. So the only winners here are transnational CEOs who don't give a damn about their workers - and don't give a damn about democracy. That's what unions are -democracy in the workplace - and they are just as essential to creating a stable middle class as democracy in our government. So Republican Governor Mitch Daniels didn't just declare war on unions in Indiana - he also declared war on the middle class.

-Thom Hartmann