Thursday, July 19, 2012

ONG. Anti Union Meeting Round Two ...

Today at our terminal in ONG, we had another anti union meeting again. Nate our regional HR representative, and Rob Leach, HR from corporate. This guy is a true actor. His face got all emotional and his eyes got all glassy like he wanted to cry, saying “look guys I’ve been on the side of a union and I have nothing good to say about them.

He told us, “even if the union were to come in here at FedEx, (a union is a group of employees who united and vote for union representation, we the FedEx employees are the union) we will pay union dues with our same pay. And that the union has no right to tell FedEx that we are going to get a pay raise, (this is all negotiated with a contract, approved by the FedEx employees). This is why UPS freight is going to make more than us per hour, because they have a contract! FACT

Don’t fall for Rob’s B.S. if you see him at your hub!

We asked if more changes were to come here at FedEx if we didn’t vote UNION. His response was “well guys I don’t have an answer for that right now. That’s right Rob you don’t and never will have an answer!

We need to ORGANIZE to have a TRUE VOICE at FedEx! A “UNION” is “POWER”, for ALL dock workers, line and city drivers, also clerical and mechanics!



SLG driver said...

Trust no red shirt brothers! Stay strong! Be UNION! Its for the best of our future! Pension plan! Job security! Better pay! Full benefits! Stress-free job! Most of all respect and dignity!!!! No more harassment! VOTE YES FOR UNION!!!!! Go TEAMSTERS!!!

Joe Nuno said...

Nathan Gibson you're still a coward, you still can't speak for your own battles, instead you bring Rob Leach and on top of this Rob starts the bullshit acting and pretends to sob in front of others.
About his involvement with unions, how he has been on both sides of the're a bullshiter Rob Leach, for a man in your position, a professional corporate H.R, shouldn't sob in front of employees, that's a sign of weakness for a man in power that represent a major corporation.
Fred W.Smith would be ashamed of you!!
By the way Rob, Emmy's are coming and I'll make sure I will put your name in the hat for your acting performance.
Next thing you do, it's you state and everyone witnesses your comment, you told everyone that if you sign a union card, that everyone will start paying union dues right away, you're a lair!!!
Union dues are only due after everybody ratifies and vote for a fair contract, you see, you haven't been on both side of the fences.
Next, you comment and state in front of witnesses, that once you sign a union card and don't pay your union dues, that the union will come with bats and beat you, really Rob! are you a moron?
Are you serious about this? Or are you trying to scare the employees? Maybe you're the one threatening them.
Answer me a few questions Rob, if you were'd on both side of the fences, meaning you were a union member,
What joint council represented your union local?
What union local # represented you?
I"ve got your name already to verify your story if you were'd a member of a union.
Can you do that Rob?

slick_teamster said...

You tell him brother Nuno. Hey Joe Nuno I was wondering by any chance if you can stand outside our terminal and talk to our drivers as they live so we can get our terminal educated? Or at least to hand out flyers. Im trying the best from my part to talk to employees.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to be smart about this. Unions lay you off as soon as things start looking bad. Unions have dues, and has anyone mentioned how the teamsters pension fund is not fully funded? Ups employees could at some point not have a pension unions are a bunch of hype.

irudedog said...

Unions don't lay off employees, the company does. A union makes sure that layoffs are done with seniority in place. Instead of keeping you working, because you play cards or baseball on the weekends with your red shirt buddies. And what union has laid off employees?

The Teamsters Western Pension is 98.7% funded.

As far as ups, if the company fails so do the employees. The union is here to help the company thrive and be profitable.

This organizing is not about who the Teamsters are. Its about our issues at FedEx. Favoritism, High Medical benefits, a poor pension. No retirement medical benefits.

Those are just a few of the topics. All we want is a contract that benefits the hard working employees here at FedEx Freight.

Joe Nuno said...

Yes I can brother slick_teamster, but I got to get the approval from the joint council first.
Let me get the green light and I will contact you for a date, 10-4

Anonymous said...

Ok Joe Nuno. We are in need of a union. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks brother. GO UNION!!!!!!