Friday, July 20, 2012

In Response to "The Only Smart One"

Dear "The Only Smart One",

Of course Unions criticize executive pay. The median income of a FedEx Truck Driver is $47,477, whereas, the income of Fredrick W. Smith in 2010 was $7,419,362; to put that in perspective, it would take one driver 155 years to make the same amount of money that Mr. Smith does in one year. These wages are not perceived as "low", they actually are low. UPS, a unionized competitor of FedEx, pay their Truck Drivers a median income of $62,000. That is about $14,523 more a year. The fact of the matter is that higher wages do not always require concessions in quality assurance, productivity, or product costs because that money could easily be taken out of the ridiculous amount of profit that the company makes.

Your assertion that union campaigns are designed to "tarnish the reputation of large conglomerates by using political pressure and allegations of poor corporate citizenship" is completely false. Let's just think about your assertion from a purely logical standpoint. Why would the Teamsters want to ruin the reputation of the company they will soon be affiliated with? In fact, I have never attended an organizing meeting in which the reputation of FedEx was infringed upon. If the "allegations of poor corporate citizenship" you are referring to are the complaints about low wages, unsafe working conditions, the lack of job security, the lack of a pension plan and the lack of healthcare benefits during retirement, then I would have to say that those allegations are so much more than accusations, they are the reality that thousands of FedEx employees face every day. Why are you on the side of a company that doesn't take responsibility for its workers? Do you think that it is fair that a hard working Truck Driver, that actually provides the manpower for this company to exist, has to rely on welfare when they retire because they do not have a pension plan or any health benefits? When you say that an increase in wages impacts the cost and quality of healthcare, do you think that putting more people on welfare, a system that dramatically impacts the entire healthcare system, is really a better option?

Yes, the union membership has declined dramatically. But if you were actually "smart", you would know that scholars credit this decline to many factors. Unions used to be the pride of America and it was something to be proud of. Unfortunately, culture shifts that started in the 50's began to devalue the role of the hard working Union man and began to put the spotlight and pride on the white collar corporate man. Political trends of neoliberalism amalgamated with the devaluation of the American Blue Collar Worker and the attrition of the middle class were all components to dwindling numbers. You would know this, if, you know, you actually researched the topic rather than getting your "knowledge" from whatever the man in the nice suit on TV tells you.
And as for the problems with unions, every organization has its issues. However, I think I'd rather place my bet on an organization whose leader only makes $300,000 a year, who provides his members with pensions, healthcare benefits in retirement, and a voice, over a man who makes over 7 million dollars a year, whose greed compels him to constantly slash his hard-workers' meager wages and benefits. Finally, pertaining to your claim that employers would sit down with employees to work through these problems, I just have one question for you; if it would be so easy to facilitate such a meeting, why do these problems still exist?

One last thing, as Shakespeare would say, “the fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”. So cheers to you! Mr. Self Proclaimed "Smart One"

Cathleen A. Hernandez


the only smart one said...

Cathleen, it is known that you are paid to support the corrupt issues that the local pushes. your statements are false and will be edited on this blog. Bottom line is the union is a business and you are using us to make a buck. we ask you to just let us work and support our familes.

Unknown said...

"The Only Smart One", it is known that I am paid to support the union?? I wish I knew that! I have never been paid a dime by the Teamsters, how dare you spread libel about me! Do you realize I can sue you for spreading this false information? Do you really not have the ability to continue this debate without resorting to personal attacks? That is very pathetic. I am not trying to interfere with you trying to support your family, I am simply trying to provide some legitimate facts for your fellow co-workers. I find it funny that you can try to personally attack a college student but you won't even put your real name. What a man!

the only smart one said...

Cathleen, thank you for sharing that you are a college student. That just goes to show that you have no experience in the real job world and have no idea what you are talking about. Work a blue collar job as myself and my fellow drivers had for 20+ years and then we may pay attention to you. As far as your threats of lawsuit go, they are just as absurd as your pro union rhetoric. You have zero credibility and are somewhat comical. Good luck obtaining your 2 year degree, talk to us when you have a mortgage and family to support.
again, I am sure this wont even make the blog.

FTA Driver said...

Rudy and Sal, I would assume that the young lady in this post is related to you? Its one thing to have disagreements in business but is pretty pathetic to involve children. What kind of men are you? Let keep this factual and business, I have children of my own and it makes me sick to think they would get involved in politics.

slg driver said...

The young lady is just providing true information and facts for us the readers! That is it! She is not representing FedEx or the teamsters. It hurts to know the truth you lazy red-shirt cowards!

irudedog said...

FTA Driver, I am proud of Cathleen and her involvement in this campaign. She is not a child and considering that her major is Political Science and that she plans to go in to labor relations, I do not see any reason that my daughter’s involvement would make this conversation any less factual or professional.

Unknown said...

"The Only Smart One", it is true that I do not have as much experience as you do in the work force. However, I would like to point out that I have never personally attacked you for your choice of employment. In fact, I truly respect all the men and women who work in the trucking industry. As I have stated before in other posts, I believe that the trucking industry is one of the most vital industries in the world and that it plays an important role in the success of just about every other industry imaginable. Without truck drivers, food, medicine, construction supplies, cars, and just about every tangible good would not be able to get from Point A to Point B. It is true that I have chosen a different path and could very easily choose a career that would earn me a lot more money than if I were to go into labor relations, however, I believe in the American workforce and I plan on putting my Political Science degree to use for people who truly deserve a voice and better working conditions. I may not understand what it is to be a hardworking truck driver, but I respect every last man and woman who choose that career path, just as I would hope that they would respect mine. I may not have credibility in the trucking industry but I have had my fair share of community organizing and grassroots organizing. My honest intentions are solely to work for the betterment of the American worker, because I grew up with an amazing father who has shown me that the American workforce is truly a wonderful thing that should be treated with the utmost respect.

On the topic of not having a family or a mortgage, that is something that I am very proud of. I am only 21 years old and it has been a conscience choice that I have made to not have a family until I have reached my educational goals. It is true that I do not have a mortgage but I would like to say that I do have student loans and I am putting myself through college with personal loans and grants that I have earned. I do not think that is something that should be looked down upon. Furthermore, I would like to point out, that your reliance on personal attacks would lead me to presume that you cannot dispute any of my facts that I laid out in my original argument. Like I said before, I have not personally attacked you as you have done to me. I had hoped that this could be a civilized debate but your personal attacks seem to make this an impossible feat.

Finally, with all due respect, I find it curious that you question my credibility when I at least have the integrity to publicly stand by my convictions.

"FTA Driver", you do not have to side step asking me who my relations are. Yes, I am related to Rudy and Sal Hernandez and there is no need to question what kind of men they are. They are hardworking men who have always provided for their families. They are wonderful role models who have always stood up for what is right, even if it is not popular. They are leaders. They are the men that have shown me that the American workforce is something that deserves to be treated with much more respect than it is currently being shown. I am a Political Science student and I plan on going into labor relations and I have been involved in politics on multiple levels of government for many years now and my involvement in this campaign and its politics has been completely voluntary. I am glad that you are a respectable man and protecting your children from the personal attacks that I have experienced, but for the record, I have chosen politics as my career and the possible consequences of dealing with individuals who ignore facts and rely on personal attacks.

Daughter of a ConWay driver said...

How is being a college student not considered a job? And how is it that a college student has no experience in the "real job world"? For your information, "the only smart one" you are not that smart. College students do have harsh realities from this difficult economy, possibly more than truck drivers. Yes, trucker drivers, along with the millions of blue collar workers face tremendous hardship from corporations that try to foul us into thinking that unions are opposed to the welfare of blue collar workers. The truth is, unions are for the well being and protection of the workers. Why should the employed work in fear of losing their jobs for voicing their opinions? Is that not one of the rights that we all have as American citizens? Corporations DO NOT want the working class to speak, let alone want the newer generations to get an education. If you believe college is a walk in the park, think again. Try attending one of numerous schools in the U.S. that faces numerous cuts, ridiculous tuition fees, and attacks on teachers and now the students. Each year becomes harder and harder to enroll into classes. In this age, getting a degree DOES NOT take 2 years, think more like 3 or more years. If you do not think that is enough, try balancing a job on top of that. A minimum wage job that is not enough to financially support my education, myself, and my family, this goes to show you that I have plenty of experience in this real job world. No blue collar job is an easy one and no college student lives an easy life.

SoCAl Driver said...

The fact of the matters is, we all need a good respectable job. A job that we need to love and and spend 8 hr plus. Not a job where we are underpaid , scream at or even pay a supervising person " aka Red Shirt" pizza like I've seen at are hub some drivers do just to get a hr of over time to feed his family or him self. And thats the truth it still happens even today. We and diff drivers have called the 1 800 number for Fedex freight and still up to now noting has been done. Now you tell me if that's right or wrong Mr smart one!!!! I'm so over this bull S ***t. I see happening at a huge company like Fedex and noting is ya we do need a contract a union voice and a 3 party like you like to call it .. smart up and vote to voice yourself and have rights... I myself and the other drivers will vote union, plus our dock workers will to.... SoCal driver!!!! ONG!!!!!!
By Anonymous on In Response to "The Only Smart