Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love Twinkies ?

Wall street vultures are blaming workers for getting rid of your sweets—and that’s just not right.

You might have heard that Hostess Brands, the company that makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other desserts, filed for court permission to go out of business, and that its blaming a worker strike for the shutdown.

The Wall Street hedge fund managers who run the company have squeezed every cent out of Hostess for eight years. And they’ve put their friends with no experience in the baking industry in high-level management positions.

Hostess workers believe in their company, and we need to stand with them—sign our pledge to support workers, not greedy CEOs who will cut and run for a quick buck.

What’s happening here is a classic Bain Capital-style assault—blame the little guy to cover the greedy corporate policies that are gutting the middle class.

It’s not just happening to the workers who make the great products Americans love. What’s happening at Hostess is happening to workers all over this country. It’s wrong. And it has to stop.

Crony capitalism and poor management drove Hostess into the ground, not the workers who are now paying the price. In this struggling economy, the greedy corporate executives are willing to let 18,000 people lose their jobs—just so they can pad their pockets.

Hostess' executives are now blaming workers who’ve offered their company multiple concessions and want it to succeed. This is what’s wrecking our country.

Workers have borne the brunt of bad decision-making by executives who didn’t know anything about the baking business. And they’re the ones getting fired?

These brave workers need to know we stand with them—and we’ll stand with everyone who will take a stand against the corporate race-to-the-bottom.


Anonymous said...

way to go union! you rather have no job then take a paycut

Joe Nuno said...

Don't be fool by FedEx management that Hostess went out of business because of the union, the truth is The CEO of Hostess got a 300% bonus and 6 top rank management were hired to help fix Hostess, but instead of fixing things, they would pocket the profits.
The Union members took a $10 million concession for the last 10 yrs, the members voted on wage reduction, benefits reduction and no pension contribution....who is really screwing who here?
Is this another bad batch of management like Consolidated Freight? Or better yet, Bain Capital?

irudedog said...

Anonymous. you should do a little research. And if your so right about your statement, fill free to put your real name.

Milo said...

Way to go anonymous! You rather swallow Rupert Murdoch appletini then to do your homework

slick_teamster said...

It's guys like you that cost us our cream filled twinks. I'm going to miss eating those.

Turk_182 said...

Hey Barrack!!

Al-Qaida's alive, and Hostess is dead!!! Way to go!!!

Joe Nuno said...

Really brother, you really think Hostess is out of business because of Obama?
Or is this have to do about political parties?
Or just being part of the radical racist Republicans group.
I know deeply in my heart you're better than this!
Hostess is dead because of greedy management and still to today, after they raped this company to the ground, management still demanding $3 million before closing doors.

Anonymous said...

Turk're an idiot,jackoff!!

freckle freddy smithy said...

Hell FedEx is a prime example of greediness, and were'd not a union company yet.
At the rate we're going with Harrison management team it's heading in that direction of Hostess.
The shareholder of FedEx are demanding more money, here we go again, cut from the employees and feed the bellies of the greedy shareholders!

Turk_187 said...

Radical racist republicans? Funny how the President that ended slavery was a "REPUBLICAN". Funny how the KKK (a truly racist faction) was started by "DIXIECRATS". (That lesson in history was a freebie Joe, I won't charge you) But really,?! having to result to a the "racist" card? sounds like a typical left-wing attack, when in doubt resort to racism and class warfare.

But no, my comment on Obama and the inference to Hostess being "dead" was a broad generalization, not too different from your reference to Bain Capital in your original post.

It's amazing how the Democrats will try to blame Hostess going out of business on "greedy" businessmen, but they continue to turn a blind eye when their President FAILS to defend an American embassy that results in the death of 4 brave Americans.

But you're right, I am better than that, because I am the only person with the balls to place the blame where it rightfully belongs: on the narrow, paltry shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama.

You're welcome, in advance.

Joe Nuno said...

I knew Lincoln was Republican, and there's been good Republicans in the past and there's been bad Democrats in the past.
But it seem in todays world that Republicans are not for all people in America, especially for the low income and middle class.
Answer me one question brother, name me one or more Republicans that has not been touch by the Koch brothers and the elite super pac in 2012.
About the four brave Americans killed, was due to a video done by an idiot in Cerritos Ca, that escalated to a riot and and act of terrorists.
The president did announce right away that this was an act of terrorists and that justice was to be done.
About you having ball here...hmmm.....don't know turk_182 to actually give credit for, or an anonymous or a behind the computer made names, Lol
No disrespect brother, if you are Republican, good for you, I am not here to change your party.
I am a proud Democrat and believe in democracy for all.

Turk_187 said...

C'mon even try to pass the attack on Bengazi as a result of that video made by the dude in Cerritos, is an insult to the families of those 4 dead Americans. You're better than that Joe. Quit trying to propagate the false narrative that the Obama administration (Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Gen Petraeus) were forced to "walk back" when it was obvious to a blind man, that this attack was an a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11.

As far as your inference of the Koch brothers, I'll answer question that when you confirm/deny that Barack squandered 90 billion of stimulus funds to his "homies" in the solar and other "green" industries. Or when you can confirm/deny that Barack is in the back-pocket of all organized labor.

I want a contract just like you & Rudy and the rest of my brothers & sisters at Fedex Frt (rip Viking), but what I wont do is play ball when you guys try to pass a false narrative that Obama is all about "the little guy", when he is in fact a bigger cronie and puppet as you guys tried to portray Mitt Romney as.

"I WANT A CONTRACT! BE WISE! ORGANIZE"...but Obama-nomics is death for America.

You're welcome. In advance.

Joe Nuno said...

You know, "you" might be right...for once I might agree with you about Obama homies.
If you're referring to Fred W. Smith
I remember Obama having lunch with Fred Smith last year, and Obama saying Fred is the nice man and smart.
There I answered your question, now tell me how many Republicans are not back up by the Koch Brothers and the elite super pac?

Anonymous said...

Hey Turk 187,write ur real name! Don't be a punk!

Turk_187 said...

Nice try Joe, but last I looked Fred Smith wasn't in a "green" industry nor in organized-labor. But like I said, nice try. Typical left-wing tactic: avoid the subject and deflect the topic.

As for the anonymous poster wanting my id (if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I dunno what is), why? What would that gain? Other than a larger bullseye on my back when I go to work? The admin here knows who I am, and that's all that matters.

Be Wise! Organize! and Impeach Obama!

Joe Nuno said...

Really brother, you don't remember when Fred Smith was at Whittier's terminal, when the unveiling of the solar energy system was announce? media was there because Fred said he's going green...hmmm and I believe other terminals are as well hook up to solar system.
You know he is chief administration of energy.
Well I have no further question here no more, it was a pleasure debating your Fox news quotes.
You know, at my house, we refuse to watch Fox or any of Rupert Murdoch (super pac) control media.
I ask you first on a question, tell me which Republican is not affiliated with the Koch Brothers and super pac, and couldn't answer!

Emilio said...

Oh man, this is another Romney and Obama debate, Turk, I myself remember Fred Smith being appointed Chief administration of energy in DC, and the ceremony at whittier.
I think you are the typical right winger who put the foot in mouth without doing your homework

billy klintone said...

Hey Turky stop listening to rush limdick , did you look at the video