Tuesday, November 13, 2012

or else ?

this text message from Dispatch was sent the day before a video was shown to us about threats at the workplace.

the majority of the drivers at that viewing tooked that text as a threat


Anass Rhammar said...

I took it as a threat

Joe Nuno said...

Yes I call this a threat, it's intimidation, strong arm force.
This also Constructive Termination, FedEx is trying to eliminate old employees by intimidation or make you quit.
The reason that FedEx is creating this work condition, is because they want to get rid of old employees from old Viking.
Eliminate top paid, fringe benefits and even reduce the poor pension fund.
They can hire young blood from the neck down at a lower starting wage and give him higher co-paid fringe benefit, and Russ can hope the new drivers will always be yes sir attitude and sir can I have another.
Sad that this is coming to an awful work condition environment, a place where you don't want to be, but have no choice because you have to eat and feed your family.
But there is a solution for all this... Be Wise And Organize.

Unknown said...

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