Monday, March 4, 2013

purchase transport

Hey FedEx driver.while you're calling CLC to see if there's any work for you tonight. these PT drivers most likely will take your work.
the time to organize is now!
stand up and be counted drivers it's all up to you!


Dave Davalos said...

Yup it's time to call for a vote, FedEx is slapping you in the face by giving your work away.

Anonymous said...

Well how's about showing some Teamster spirit and getting in contact with us! We are all fed up over here. You guys talk the talk, but haven't ever seen 1 rep! You want the prize? COME AND GET IT!

irudedog said...

its not up to the Teamsters to make you union. it's all up to you and your fellow employees at your terminal. if you want it that bad in your area step up to the plate.

a good beginning is not calling yourself anonymous.

Rudy FedEx driver at SBO

Anonymous said...

Why not be anonymous?!? Thers's no need to put our real name right now,just know that we're here.We know how it works,we put our name, and FedEx comes after us. MRL driver