Monday, March 4, 2013

Mr. FedEx said..

From The Brown Cafe

I'm topped-out, and very senior, and obviously very pro-union. It's pretty hard for me to understand other senior employees who don't favor a union, and let me explain why:

1. Even if you topped-out 25 years ago, Fred has still been paying you 5 or 6 dollars less than UPS, and the disparity grows if you're not in a major market. You are also paying very high rates for poor medical and dental coverage.

2. He eliminated your Traditional Pension Plan. A 25-year Traditional Pension payout is about half what a UPS pension is for the same number of years. Fred has bent you over big-time here.

3. Profit-sharing--gone

4. Injuries and sickness. As you get older, the target on your back glows even more brightly. Don't believe me? Ask someone who has been hurt or has had a serious illness, regardless of years with the company.

5. The predatory nature of FedEx. You are always one minor mis-step away from the door. Open Door and GFT are pale comparisons to a legitimate grievance process. "At-will" means FedEx's will, not yours.

6. They want you gone. Topped-out and over 45 means you're a liability, not an asset. Always be aware that they would much rather kill you off and replace you with two 20-somethings.

As a human being, consider your co-workers and their situation(s). Compared to you, they've got very little and no real retirement plan or decent future on the horizon.

FedEx has been stealing from your pile for a very long time, and maybe you think you've "made-it" at Express. Well, you haven't, and if you think you've somehow "beat" Fred or are getting a square deal, you are sadly mistaken. There is nothing they would rather do than get rid of you.

Be smart and sign that card.

"Same Job, Different Trucks"


Anonymous said...

I've never the seen the card, but they know where I am. If freight really wanted to form a Union, they would make a phone call, or something, and get the Teamsters to help them through the process.

irudedog said...

don't just wait for the Teamsters you make the call it's all up to you and your fellow FedEx Freight employees to make a move. that's how the campaign in the West started. just with 2 people and now we are many

SBO DOCK said...

Rudedog, we are counting on you to help us out but have become frustrated because all we here is cheerleading but no action. I have been with the company for 19 years and do not believe we will be succesful because there is NO organization. HELP!!

Joe Nuño said...

There's no organization because of you, if you been working 19 years, you would have contact Rudedog directly and inform yourself Mr.Redshirt, not through this blog.
I believe you are fishing!