Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FedEx Freight Petition to the NRLB

Congratulations to our fellow FedEx freight drivers in New Jersey. Stand "United" and "Strong". Like our managers here in SoCal said, " FedEx will do everything "Legally" to keep the Union out".

But remember, WE ARE THE UNION!


Anonymous said...

I'm all for the Union,but these teamsters organizers are so freakin annoying.Bothering us while we are trying to work.They even went as far as following me inside a warehouse.What's the deal with that.

Attn; Marmaduke!!!! said...

So cal is back to square 1 again, you guys get a raise, but not equally!
Inland empire SVC's got .80 cent and .2 cent for line, but San Diego gets more money! But why?
Inland Empire picks up more bills than San Diego!
The majority of the employees in San Diego live in Temecula and South of the boarder(Mexico)
Now how is that a higher cost of living than the inland empire?
And San Diego picks less of the volume as Fontana.