Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bad FedEx!

The latest anti-union propaganda FedEx is forcing its employees to watch may have some serious legal implications. There is a 95 minute documentary named 'American Standoff ' . The film details the events that happened during the Overnite/Teamster strike that began on October 24th 1999. It is an honest and fair account of what happened during that strike. Now however FedEx has decided to use just a 9 minute segment of that documentary in their anti union campaign. Nine minutes that clearly favor the company's stand against the union. The legal problem here is that it looks as though FedEx may not have obtained legal rights to play the video clip. Several calls have been made to HBO (the legal owner of the film) and their response indicates that there may be a cease and desist order coming soon. It is indicated that most of HBO's films are for private and in home viewing only. If you have been forced by FedEx management to watch this film clip you may want to call HBO Consumer Relations at (212) 512-1208.

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