Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fedex anti union playbook.

Fedex anti union playbook.

Week4:before the vote.create a lie about vandalism on someone's car.

Week3:before the vote.create violence among the workers.get the no's to get in the face of the union team leaders.

Week2:before the vote.Bring in all VP's,HR,head of safety and start with meeting after meeting everyday non stop.bring in the guys who are on the fence in office to persuade or make deals to get them to vote no.

Week1:before the vote.Raid the yard again with big shots and supervisors from 6am-10pm everyday up to day before the vote and get guys One on one to get them to vote no.Have Neil Booth meeting one day then Pat Reed the next saying give us another chance.

People this is exactly how it has gone and continues to go on.Now you tell me that's not harassment or not.They have numerous ulp's against them and they continue with this kind of behavior and flip there nose in the air at us.You all need to research everything that has been said to you.I know most people don't like change because they get in there comfort zone and are scared.

Please do research there is nothing to be scared about this is exactly what fedex wants for you to be scared.the law is on your side and besides the places that have all ready voted the union in its back to business as usual and they stay away from those leaders.How can you not want a better life for you and your family.Better health care better pension and a wage that is the same across the board for everyone

.How can you guys on pocono except making $3phr less than jersey and 5 cents less in milage. I just don't get some people's thinking I scratch my head over this blindness that is going on. Yes some of you have had some bad experience with certain unions but how can you not want to give this a shot if it's no good than we can either vote them out of office or have them decertified.

All I'm asking is for you guys to get involved and start doing your homework on all of this and then as grown men make a grown man decision.


Scott Lister said...

Do you have any problem with me using this in a pro union handout to help with our organizing effort? I can credit you or keep it anonymous.

irudedog said...

No problem. We all need to support one another. Feel free

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the media always plays up fedex and downplays UPS? What a joke, UPS is a much better run company and with union drivers they have to complete their deliveries everyday unlike fedex using independent contractors working as they feel. Fedex is not at all professional with i learned first hand thru experience.