Monday, December 22, 2014

Well said

Well said
A driving job is more regulated and held to a higher standard then most other trades today. We must pass physicals, get background checks, keep a clean driving record and so much MORE.

Drivers are held to a higher standard then a police officer, fire fighter, educator, linemen, plumber, iron workers and so many more.

Yet all of those and many more make better wages and enjoy better compensations. Why? because their labor has been represented by unions that have fought over the years to make sure its workers are treated fairly and compensated properly.

Todays truck driver faces stricter rules and penalties. Maintaining a class A license with hazmat endorsements is a 24hour 365 days job.

Todays driver can have a half a beer in his system on his day off, get ran off the road by a dangerous driver and lose his job on Monday because even though it was not his fault, class A drivers are restricted to half the BAC of a normal driver.

Yet most every other worker listed will be back at work on Monday.

Now what am i getting at? Truck driving can not be outsourced and that gives us the leverage to demand we be paid accordingly. We are worth more then what the average truck driver is paid today. This movement is about our future and our kids future because like it or not our kids might be drivers also one day just like us and its up to us RIGHT NOW to make a difference.

You and i are worth more and the company knows it, thats the real reason why they are fighting the unions so vigorously.

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