Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Unions protect workers from various company abuses such as unsafe/uncomfortable working conditions, long hours, arbitrary hiring & firing, and so on. In a rough economy, with workers needing their paychecks to pay for mortgages, food, car payments, etc., employers hold a lot of power in the employer-employee relationship. Consequently, management can pretty much set the rules on work environment. They can set impractical hours, create unrealistic work quotas, require work on holidays, fire & hire based on personalities, and so on. One individual often has very little bargaining power since they can easily be replaced. However, a group of abused employees can ban together to prevent management from carrying out such abuses. Unions became popular during the Great Depression, when a terrible economy allowed employers to essentially treat employees however they wanted. One of the most terrible work environments in American history was the result before unions came along. READ MORE


Anonymous said...

Unions are needed not only by fedex and conway but all large corporate co.'s That is how we keep our wages and not like 3rd world country's. If the union goes away Ups would and could drop wages to walmart scale, nothing/poverty. What i am saying is if you work for FEDEX they only pay you your wage because UPS and the Union set the scale thats why your making what your making. I am proud and glad i am a 36 year Teamster with no regrets

Anonymous said...

Company's the size of Walmart also need the Teamsters, if what they do to employee's is fair then the end of America and middle class is not far behind