Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fedex has been pushing for 2 years now on how bad of shape central state pension fund was in. That part true, what they fail to tell is why and how.
Well here is a quick snap shot of the fedex plan. So why is our plan $5.3 billion short. Why are we paying out more than we take in. There is nobody in freight running to the gate to retire anytime soon. This plan has only been around for a few years so no one has enough time in it to retire, so where is it going.
Wall st. And Goldman Sachs killed central states pension fund WHO IS KILLING OURS? Freddie gets $25mil. In retirement and another guy gets $19Mil. SMH. They are beating us down with our healthcare and the pension fund and all of you are ok with this SMH.
Know this Freddie can do what ever he wants with this. What Freddie says goes.

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