Thursday, September 15, 2016

Here Is The Way Our FedEx Pilot's Pensions are Calculated


Anonymous said...

What a joke, shows how valuable u are to this company. Multi billion dollar company and that's how they laugh in your face, when you are working as a Walmart greeter at the age of 70 trying survive,after u put 30+ hard years with this company.

Bobby flores said...

That's very sad that a multi billion dollar company can't give you a decent pension after 30 years of your loyal service, where's the appreciation?
I am now Ritired from UPS after 32 years of service, I am 50 years old now, started at 18 years and I am receiving $4800 a month from my pension till I die.
In those years of service, I managed to pay off my house and a income property that I also paid off too !
My formula here for my pension is I get $150 X 30 years of my service = $4800 and is giving to me every month till death...not bad
Now I have a business that I manage and rake well too and it doesn't come out of my pension !
Teamsters pension, property income and business is putting me well set.