Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Hoot Owl said...

Keep in mind this insurance is a quote for just the drivers in Charlotte. That's around 230 drivers. What could we do with thousands of us? This insurance has a lower ACA value than the insurance we currently have... how is that possible? It's because we were told the reason our deductibles and out of pocket costs were so high was because of the ACA and frankly that was far from the truth. GREED is why those things went up not some law. The rates and coverages listed here are also guaranteed not to change for 3 years! When our company says they are trying to lower costs who exactly are they lowering costs for? HINT: it sure as hell isn't YOU. It's time for us to stand together and take our healthcare away from this company... You were all told this kind of health insurance wasn't possible but it IS. You were all told about we wouldn't even get them to the table: WE DID. Don't believe the lies told by those benefitting from your crappy healthcare and self financed retirement. Together we can accomplish much and we can assure that we ourselves and our families SHARE in the success of this company.