Wednesday, March 29, 2017

XPO Union Busting at Their Worst, A True Story

Please forward and share with all immediately! It's time to stand up and rally around our co-worker Tommy Bower.

Attention Trenton and all of XPO  Driver's,

In case you didn't know last night the union buster got very aggressive in the meeting, threw his paperwork and books, jumped around the table and got directly into Stan's face. The union buster was inches from Stan's face violating his personal space and proceeded to verbally attack Stan. He did this with Tommy last week and this time when Tommy came out of the meeting he felt sick, he was taken to the hospital and they told him he had suffered a heart attack.  This goes to show how desperate the company is trying to keep us from having a voice and voting YES on April 14. Please keep Tommy in your prayers and when we get the room # and visiting hours I will let everyone know.

Bruce Ryan
PS: My prayers go out to Stan and his family to that everything will be fine. Amen.

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