Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Just a reminder to managers out there, strong arm forcing is illegal, forcing employee to testifying on the company’s behalf or promising a promotion title just to win an arbitration, or making an employee sign an agreement not to talk to other employees about the case without the other attorney party being aware of any documentation, is illegal. If for any reason there has been a wrongful representation involving anyone. You could always obtain a transcript of the arbitration and revise the case and prove wrongful statements and appeal the case again. (WHT)



Anonymous said...

What's At Stake:

EFCA will level the playing field for workers that want a union. Today employers routinely coerce employees not to choose union representation and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has become ineffective, at times even compliant, within this broken process. A recent study by Cornell University found that employers illegally fire employees for union activity in at least 25% of all organizing efforts. Even employees that aren’t actually fired fear losing their jobs if they support union representation. In one poll 79% of workers agreed that they were likely to be fired for trying to form a union.

Managements’ new union busters carry a brief case and wear pin-striped suits. Hiring these well dressed thugs, breaking the law and paying fines is simply viewed by some employers as the cost of doing business. In 92% of organizing drives employees are forced to attend group anti-union presentations, and in 78% of all organizing efforts management forces employees to attend one-on-one anti-union meetings with their own supervisors, the very people that will decide their work assignment and pay.

At IFPTE our members have suffered through these anti-union campaigns. The union busters’ idea is to delay campaigns as long as possible, intimidate the employees, and try to show the union as being “ineffective”. Their position is simple--why have an election that you are going to lose. With the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, employees won't have to face the delays and intimidation just to get what’s supposed to be guaranteed to all workers by the National Labor Relations Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act would provide:

1. Stronger Penalties for Violations while Employees are attempting to Organize or Obtain a First Contract

The Employee Free Choice Act provides for civil fines up to $20,000 for violations of employees’ rights to join a union and bargain collectively that occur during the organizing efforts or during the period when employees are seeking to negotiate a first contract. Violations for which there are no effective remedies under current law include:

Threatening to close the facility or move overseas if employees choose to form a union;
Switching employees’ shifts, reducing their pay, demoting them or giving them inferior work assignments to discourage unionization;
Spying on employees that support forming a union;
Illegally firing employees to discourage unionization; and
Prohibiting employees from publicly showing their support for the union.

Unknown said...

We the Memphis committee for teamsters under fedex express just want to say how we wish you all the best in you fight for what is right. Although we also have a hard battle ahead, together we can pass information along to each other and one day become brothers and sisters under the Teamster umbrella.
Joe you have posted some very wise and excellent information on our site and I will pass this on to our fellow amt's. We can use our communication's to help contact and support each others efforts. thanks again for your hard work. tducksoup1 aka Tom Perusi director of communications Memphis core committee