Thursday, November 29, 2007

Redeye said...

"Remember without us labor people; they woudn't have what they have now, because we are the back bone and guts of the company"
Personally I think it is wonderful that Fred W Smith is now a billionaire on the Forbes list. I think it is wonderful that his "salary" is 4.42 Million a year.

I think it is even more wonderful that FDX makes over 31 billion $/year in revenues and a 1.6 billion $/year clear profit!

I think it would be even more wonderful if senior MGT realized that the Pilots play a major part in this profit. (I am not suggesting that the 140,000 other employees don't play an important part of the cog in that wheel.......they surely do, and IMHO they deserve a piece of that pie too......but they have no collective voice and that is their concern).

Pilots here need to realize that we make this company a ton of money and MGT darn well knows it.............but they do like like to admit public anyway!

If you attended the Rally last Sunday, your heard our Negotiating Committee Chair say that we were "100 million dollars a part on the deal". To you and me 100 million is a substantial FDX corp it is Chump change.

Remember that approx 2 months ago at the annual Stock holders meeting (where we picketed) it was announced that FDX was paying out $350 million in bonuses to just 18 Corporate execs........350 million to 18 folks!!!........who by the way are already very highly compensated. In the mean time those same execs are raising Healthcare costs and reducing retirement benefits for the employees here at FDX.

That 350 million would have bridged the gap between our negotiating committee and the company negotiaters.......................

Let's see MGT could have sealed a 4-5 year deal with the 4700 plus pilots or give a 350 million bonus to 18 very highly compensated corp execs..........
(actually they can more than afford to do both)

Pilots........wake up and smell the coffee................This company is making big bucks!

They can afford to pay the very reasonable and responsible offer that ALPA currently has on the table!

Remember that 10 years ago (during our negotiations for our first contract) back when the Airlines were making record profits.........and our Union (ALPA #1 and subsequently the FPA) were trying to get our wages raised up near to but not equal to what all the others were making. Remember we were making well below what DAL, USAir, UAL and NWA, American.etc........We had no secure retirment........we had no B-fund, we had no OBRA bridge.........and our monthly pay was well below the industry.........unless you worked overtime and sold vacation back!

Management said " You guys are different. You are cargo are not Passenger Airline Pilots"

So what has changed...........we are not in the same industry. True everyone else in the industry has come down to or below our current wages. Now MGT is touting that we make more...........and we haven't even got a deal yet......

Do not be hood winked...............FDX can afford our very reasonable proposal.

Stay the course, do not fall for smoke and mirrors........................................... .... "2 years is too long"

You all know what you need to do!

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Anonymous said...

I think its time we talk medical and people see the real truth to why
we pay so much and FedEx is making money off our families illnesses and
more of those who are well.
I have a bill here from one of my fellow amt's who allowed me to post
it and it will show you how in simple terms how FedEx is making money
off of us and why ups pays nothing for medical.

He went to the hospital and has a $100.00 co pay as soon as you walk in
the door, which he paid for earlier in the year. Now he goes back to
the hospital and pays his $40.00 co pay. He gets the bill from the
hospital, which charged him $100.00 dollars even. The negotiated cost FedEx
or Cigna set up with the doctor and or hospital (this is the adjusted
cost to FedEx) was $59.64.
You take the $40.00 he paid out of pocket and the hospital charged
Cigna $59.64 you add them up and that comes to $99.64. So what does FedEx
have to cover on this bill? 36 cents comes out of FedEx’s pocket.
With what we pay in medical costs and with the way they worked the
adjusted cost the hospital and or doctors charge FedEx/Cigna they are making a
fortune off of us. I have the medical bill, which I will scan and
upload. It is one of the simplest bills for people to see and understand
how this really works.

Now we where told that the max we would have to pay out of pocket per
individual under the family plan would be $1000.00 dollars. It sounds
not too bad in that form even though we use to pay nothing but our
Well the way it sounds and the truth are too different things. If you
go to the hospital and you need surgery you must first pay your $250.00
copay as you walk in the hospital. Now your surgery costs say
$20,000.00 dollars (which is the cost for any surgery today) now the doctor
charges you $7,000.00 dollars for his service. Add them up and you have
$27,000.00 dollars.
Now you have to cover the 20% of the cost, which comes up to $5,400.00
So now you have add up the $250.00 copay plus the 20% which is the
$5,400.00 dollars equals $5650.00
Here is where you think you only owe $1,000.00 of this no no no no no
You must pay $3000.00 of this out of pocket because it is $1,000.00 per
family member total. Now only if you have another family member that
needs surgery in the same year will you not have to pay nothing but the
$250.00 deductible. You are covered because you already paid the
$3,000.00 that covered your family. This would only be worth a damn if your
whole family needed surgery in the same year. The next year comes around
and your child needs surgery again you have to pay the 3 thousand
dollars again.
Now if you do not see this as a total screwing of our medical for what
we pay you better go back to school and take math and addition all
If you don't believe me go into your benefits handbook and read
that’s where I got this one example.
Now remember that Cigna already negotiated a price that they would pay
for that surgery. It could have been only say $17,000.00 minus the
$3000.00 you paid and they paid 14 k out of FedEx pocket. You add up all
the money they make from every single person that has medical here that
is not even a drop in the bucket to them. They are making so much money
off of us when we are sick and making a whole lot more when we are not
Ups has Blue cross and blue shield. No deductibles no copay no
prescription costs (plus the fact they make $5.00 more per hour) can you now
see why we are getting totally and purely screwed.
Please pass this on too those who are in denial of what is really going
on. Believe me, they will one day have a family tragedy God Forbid and
see the real truth of what will come out of their pockets in their
time of need. Thank you and I hope I made it simple enough to understand
why we need 1 voice and say we deserve better.

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