Thursday, November 22, 2007

JOE NUNO said..

Top CEO’s have contracts; they have their demands for
the next five years; just like a Teamster contract.
This pass weekend I attended an arbitration class and the
instructor was an arbitrator. I ask some questions
regarding top CEO’s and top managements having labor
contracts; and the teacher said they had to arbitrate
for nonunion high ranking managements violation of
their labor contracts.
So what does this tell us? That they have their set
standards, their demands and no handbooks just a
contract, and when their positions and contracts are
being revised by top CEO’s, The CEO board members
gather up and discuss the demands of a top management
position; and the way the board members agreed on
contract is by voting.
As a future member of the Teamster we ask for a
contract with demands and fairness, a better pension
plan per hour (a Western conference pension plan), a
better medical benefit plan per hour, and medical
So why is it o.k for top management to have labor
contracts and arbitration for disputing their
violations of the contract? And also they have
democracy votes, and the employees does not have any
Rights; without a Teamsters contract we stand alone.


Anonymous said...

We are proud and honored to know Joe Nuno. It takes courage and dignity to stand up for what you believe. Working together and maintaining an open mind would do everyone justice. Listen to the issues at hand and remember that everything we have been conditioned to believe is not always true. When an H.R. issue arises the company has people to talk with and seek advice, they are called Human Resource Professionals, Corporate Attorneys and Physicians. Why shouldn’t employees’ have someone in their corner such as Union Representation? Grievance procedures ensure a fair workplace. H.R. is paid to protect the company not the employee. Joe knows the benefits of Teamster representation. Support him, let him help you secure a better future through pension, healthcare and salary benefits that are equally aligned with your hard work, loyalty and dedication to FedEx. Everyone has the right to freely join the Teamsters Union without pressure and intimidation.

Anonymous said...

"Remember without us labor people; they woudn't have what they have now, because we are the back bone and guts of the company"
Personally I think it is wonderful that Fred W Smith is now a billionaire on the Forbes list. I think it is wonderful that his "salary" is 4.42 Million a year.

I think it is even more wonderful that FDX makes over 31 billion $/year in revenues and a 1.6 billion $/year clear profit!

I think it would be even more wonderful if senior MGT realized that the Pilots play a major part in this profit. (I am not suggesting that the 140,000 other employees don't play an important part of the cog in that wheel.......they surely do, and IMHO they deserve a piece of that pie too......but they have no collective voice and that is their concern).

Pilots here need to realize that we make this company a ton of money and MGT darn well knows it.............but they do like like to admit public anyway!

If you attended the Rally last Sunday, your heard our Negotiating Committee Chair say that we were "100 million dollars a part on the deal". To you and me 100 million is a substantial FDX corp it is Chump change.

Remember that approx 2 months ago at the annual Stock holders meeting (where we picketed) it was announced that FDX was paying out $350 million in bonuses to just 18 Corporate execs........350 million to 18 folks!!!........who by the way are already very highly compensated. In the mean time those same execs are raising Healthcare costs and reducing retirement benefits for the employees here at FDX.

That 350 million would have bridged the gap between our negotiating committee and the company negotiaters.......................

Let's see MGT could have sealed a 4-5 year deal with the 4700 plus pilots or give a 350 million bonus to 18 very highly compensated corp execs..........
(actually they can more than afford to do both)

Pilots........wake up and smell the coffee................This company is making big bucks!

They can afford to pay the very reasonable and responsible offer that ALPA currently has on the table!

Remember that 10 years ago (during our negotiations for our first contract) back when the Airlines were making record profits.........and our Union (ALPA #1 and subsequently the FPA) were trying to get our wages raised up near to but not equal to what all the others were making. Remember we were making well below what DAL, USAir, UAL and NWA, American.etc........We had no secure retirment........we had no B-fund, we had no OBRA bridge.........and our monthly pay was well below the industry.........unless you worked overtime and sold vacation back!

Management said " You guys are different. You are cargo are not Passenger Airline Pilots"

So what has changed...........we are not in the same industry. True everyone else in the industry has come down to or below our current wages. Now MGT is touting that we make more...........and we haven't even got a deal yet......

Do not be hood winked...............FDX can afford our very reasonable proposal.

Stay the course, do not fall for smoke and mirrors........................................... .... "2 years is too long"

You all know what you need to do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks joe for the great info on how upper management actually do as I say and not as I do.
stand strong everyone and fight for our rights to organize a fair and equal contract for all in class and craft!!
They will kiss our butts before peak but be prepared for after peak when they will really start there anti union drive.
We appreciate everyone who has the guts to say I had enough of the greed and we won't take it anymore.
If only we would all wake up and stand together strong in unity and show our solidarity. They would bargain with us as they did the pilots without question. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone and I will give thanks to the teamsters for being there to help defend our rights. Tducksoup1
November 23, 2007 9:05 AM