Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pittsburgh Newspaper Covers Fed Up at FedEx Report - November 05, 2007

Although Memphis is clearly calling the shots in the old RPS headquarters in Pittsburgh, there must be some managers in western Pennsylvania that are concerned with the bad press that FedEx Ground continues to get.

One reporter from Pittsburgh was tuned in to the release of the American Rights at Work and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights report "Fed Up at FedEx: How FedEx Ground Tramples Workers' Rights and Civil Rights."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printed an article on Sunday . The reporter did a good job to cover many angles of the story.

However, said, "If push comes to shove, one of the primary reasons that [companies] do this is to avoid unionization."

And what clever response did the FedEx spokespodperson have?

FedEx did not return phone calls seeking comment for this article.

Seeing how FedEx is always blowing its own horn, the silence seems out of character.



Anonymous said...

I said to avoid all legal law sued, is for FedEx Corp to just give a neutrality check card for us to unionize, I mean all FedEx, FedEx ground, FedEx Express, FedEx freight west and east and FedEx national LTL, FedEx critical, and last FedEx Kinko.
Lets build a better bright future for all employees to voice out and spell out a contract, don’t forget top C.E.O’S have contracts too, check out the internet and go to

Anonymous said...

Just a little story that happened Saturday.
I went to a local nursery in St Cloud and was approached by an older
black gentleman to help me. He stopped mid sentence and said those two
horse heads mean something to me. It took a nano second and realized he
was referring to my Teamster shirt. So I asked do you mean good
or bad? You should have seen him, his head snapped up and chest puffed
out a bit and he I mean in a good way He said I was a Teamster
truck driver for 38 years and they did good by me. So I proceeded to tell
him who I was and about our efforts as FedEx to organize. I paid for my plants and he helped me carry them out to my car. Last
thing was he gave me the true old fashion mans handshake ( looked me dead
straight in the eyes) and said good luck to you all.
But that hand shake meant something to me. You hear the slogan brotherhood of Teamsters.
Sounded like bullshit to me over the years until now, what do we have
in common, what could I possibly have in common with a truck driver from
a completely different cultural and career background. We all need the
same basic things, retirement, healthcare and a good wage.

Anonymous said...

can you imagine if everyone felt that way and if we all stood together and said we had enough its time for the company to open its books and show why we have to pay so much for medical and retirement medical. This is a sham, we have been told that we may not make as much as ups but we have better benefits. Its nothing but lies, we have the worst benefits for a company this large. The fact is fedex is making money off of our medical problems. They are a self insured company that has to have cigna because they are in the buisness of doing medical and fedex is not. How else can anyone explain how ups pays nothing for there medical and no deductables for any medical. I mean that they get theres FREE, YOU HEAR ME FREE AND WE PAY OUT THE NOSE. How can there retiree's pay $50.00 a month and 10 % deductables and our retiree's pay close to $800.00 and people still will not stand together and say we are getting totally %$#&ed. Please someone tell me why. I can only come up with is no balls to fight for better treatment. I'm scared Im going to lose my job WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. grow some nut and we will save your job and make sure it does not get outsourced. If only we had the brotherhood this gentleman speaks of.