Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ex management is considering setting up an “Employee to Employee” website including a “union dues calculator“ that would show how many pizzas he/she could buy by not having to pay union dues, according to reliable sources.

FedEx thinks of everything except that if they paid 100% of their employee pensions and benefits their workers would come out ahead by $600 - $1,400 a year and that would include union dues deductions. Those workers would also enjoy another benefit of being ahead 40 – 100 pizzas a year without taking another bite out of their pay cheques!

From The FedEx Canada Organizing Website STRONGER TOGETHER

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Joe Nuno said...

"I need some information on FedEx Frt linedrivers".
The info I need is how much money has been lost since your last prime run, look at your last pay stub before FedEx made changes on linehaul operation. Example if you were'd a Sacramento driver or Chico driver or just any runs over 500 miles. Please send info to (please don't disclose info on this thread, just E-mail info thank you "Joe".)