Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mr. Hoffa, Tito And Ken Hall


The Stallion said...

Notice on Fedex's website that bullshit Fedex Workplace, that there is no section for comments. Why? Because they are scared of employees bringing them real comments and concerns. This company has many problems and management has the attitude of "you are lucky to have a job." We have no rights without a Union and we do not have any voice except for what some rat snitch kiss ass supervisor says. This is the way Fedex Freight has always been. This is a shitty company to work for and the Teamsters needed to be here 10 plus years ago when it was Viking. This company will go under if it continues in the destructive and reckless path it has been on with Fred Smith at the helm. And it will go down due to BAD UNEDUCATED MANAGEMENT.

The Stallion said...

I do not know any driver or dockworker who is happy, proud, and can brag to their family they are happy getting their hours cut, getting less pay, getting their
401k contribution eliminated, being made part time, new rules for drivers designed to write them up so they can be fired aka "age descrimination" (also drivers being forced to work the dock). Management running around the service center kissing ass and snitching on employees. I can't tell where supervisors are till i see them sticking out of the SCM's asshole. The lowest form of life is a rat snitch which all supervisors are. They all kiss ass and try to get employees fired in order to move up in the company. Fedex Freight does NOT care at all about their employees. Just ask yourself Fedex worker: Is my job better than it was 5-10 years ago???? Ny answer is HELL NO!!!!!