Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SLG, We Know What Your Doing!

The FedEx Watch Dogs have learned that supervisor at SLG are up to no good. (What a surprise..) We hear than LTL employees are working under the wrong work status to prevent their productive from showing that they might be taking to long a load. For instance, an LTL employee worked on a trailer which took him two hours to unload , not under dock time, but under "maintenance". Per the supervisor at the time!

Also, LTL employees only, are starting not one hour before their start time but two hour ahead of their posted start time, under dock time and are moving trailer in the yard.
While the Freight employees are being heavily watched on their performance and snapshot, constructive termination rules!

This is some sort of retaliation against "Freight" employees who had nothing to do with the merger, but somehow these LTL managers are taking it out on them!

My suggestion to all you LTL managers is to "grow a pair" and focus on the real villain, "Corporate"!

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ugly sunkist said...

The funny thing is we will now resort to calling HR in Harrison because HR here has received numerous phone calls and nothing is being done, I can't wait o see what corporate HR does when they get a grip of calls.....hey why does our OM tell us she will get back to us with all our concerns,but then never does??? She is like a poor lost lil girl....can someone please show her how to do her job???