Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mark Link Explains "Snap Shot"


Brian Hairston - YES I AM MRL DRIVER ON LIST! said...


MRL, leadership knows they are a bunch of lying racist and fake report taking punks. Liars and cheaters never go far!

Their time is near. My terminal manager Bob Tillet lost his cool three days ago stress and investigations and cursed and attempted bodily injury to three employees out in the visitors parking lot.

The funny thing is, I was one of the employees and had my IPhone video going when I saw him walking up. He left the premise through the guard shack and walked into the visitors’ parking lot and cursed out three of us! He threatens three of us with bodily harm...all captured on video. Lol! What a fool. BOB is!

I also have video and sound of MARK, JUAN, JOSH AND DANNY! Making all types of threats. They never knew I recorded them every single day! For two years. They kept asking what I was wearing. A few drivers knew I was recording, but they never told anyone else.

I told them it was a Bluetooth.

It was a camera you dopes! I even have meetings recorded in BOBS OFFICE, the SCM at MRL and every single time I spoke to them on the DOCKS...when MARK, DANNY OR JUAN WOULD PULL ME OUTSIDE to give you a corrective action. Fools!

My attorney is all giddy with pleasure.

I even recorded my phone calls and took pictures of every switch hook message to dispatch or other leadership.

By the way JUAN ASKED ME TO TAKE AN HOUR LUNCH LAST MONDAY! That was recorded as not being FEDEX policy, but only after I called corporate to get a ruling on the HARRISON! I was told to only take a thirty minute and sign back on! SET UP! All because I filed an EEOC complaint and won a year ago!


How many people knew I was recording?

Even recorded the meeting on Tuesday! The day they tried to give me a false write up for parking my motorcycle where I had been parking it for years...and the write up was dated on a day that I returned to work after being off on medical for 3.5 months. Fools!

Oh, and by the way the survey that was issued a few days ago in regard to the terminal managers’ job! BOB, altered the employee number on a select few surveys...all of the city drivers and other road employees got the altered employee number surveys. He and he crew re-typed his employee number with four numbers wrong on the survey. HUM!


Brian Hairston - YES..I AM MRL DRIVER ON LIST! said...


However, he gave other surveys with his real number to a handful of his BOYS....friends. CHEATER! You are out of control Bobby! No one at MRL likes you, but you’re Boys...FRIENDS!

Lol! I have a total of 313 video iPhone recordings! Great quality and sound. I even have BOB cursing three employees out and stated that he would harm us, Danny Martinez threatening a driver three times to a fight over a remote control, Juan Contreras and Mark Link talking about revenge against a driver and Mark and Juan changing computer information to show different times on appointment and del. times. These guys were so focused on doing wrong...they never even noticed the recordings. What fools! I even have Josh Bowers screaming at three customers and then hanging up on them. HINT! TIMBERLAND, NETGEAR. One of those times...he must have missed the hook on the phone and you can hear him tell Danny... "Netgear are so fucking stupid. They cannot even get the trailer shit right...Shit!" ALL RECORDED! I even told Mark about the problem Netgear was having with Josh and Danny...Mark stated...RECORED OF COURSE...that there had not been any complaints against Josh or Danny from Netgear! When I recorded the customer using my iPhone to make the complaint to him...four times!

I even have BOBBY BOY BLOWING UP IN HIS OFFICE eight months ago, when I was the Diversity Council Communications Officer..."YOU DON'T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK TO DO!” Remember that Bobby Boy! I asked ROBERT TILLET (BOBBY BOY) to take the time to go and ask the drivers of all the problems they are having with MARK LINK and his Dispatchers.

If you do not remember BOBBY BOY! Then my attorney Mr. Williams will give you a chance to see it again (WITH YOUR BAD SELF) in Federal Court!

These DOPES were pretty simple! They performed perfect...for me on iPhone video. Lol!

See you in court!

Brian N. Hairston said...


$$$ MONEY! Just completed a two hour meeting with my attorneys! Watching videos of people doing dumb things and then putting the paper work together to match the lies that were a long process. But, in the is all worth the MONEY! Remember...SHIP UPS or USPS. DO NOT SHIP FEDEX!

When they write corrective actions, which are personal. At least they should try and match up their lies. However, what they wrote in regard to...let's use Juan Contreras screaming from the back docks at me...when I returned to the tractor to get my wand left on the floor of the truck... When I was walking back up on the dock Juan made statements to me that was recorded and derogatory.

I simply said that if he continued to talk to me in a harsh tone that I would inform Kathy Frohoock of this very serious problem. (MY ATTORNEY WAS PLEASED WITH MY WORDING). Which is all that I said? I then walk through the driver’s room door as Juan storms off into the dispatch part of the office and then comes to the window and screams out, you are not allowed to use a cell phone on FedEx property.

You then hear me say, "I have never seen that policy before, but if it is true then it needs to be posted and then enforced for everyone, not just me."

Then Mark Link gets up, as his back is always to the drivers and goes WHATS GOING ON HERE.

You then hear me say, "Your dispatcher just was rude to me and loss his temper for no apparent reason."

Then you see Mark in the Video lean down and whisper to Juan. I finish my driver paper work audit and leave to go home. By the time I make it to my car. I received a telephone call that Mark was down in Bob Tillets' office planning to write an insubordination write up on me. FOR WHAT! SPEAKING NICELY TO JUAN CONTRERAS!

The next day BOB TILLET AND ALEX PARRA brought me into BOB TILLETS OFFICE and without asking me my side of the story, tried to issue me an insubordination corrective action. NEVER ASKED ME WHAT HAPPENED? On the insubordination corrective action BOBBY BOY WITH HIS CHICKEN SCRATCH WRITING... wrote, THAT I SCREAMED AT JUAN CONTRERAS.

Let me remind everyone! I videotaped the whole incident. Including the next day’s office visit with BOB TILLET AND ALEX PARRA. I will say that when Bobby Boy blew was a surprise to me...but it made for GOOD TV! I was like in my head! Al Pachino does not have anything on this guy! "YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK TO DO?" Which was his reaction to me asking him to go and check with the drivers about what happened?




I then would say that ALEX PARRA seemed a little lost! But, hey what can you really say about a guy that was moved into his position by a little help from friends and family...or should I say high school buddies.

WHO IS JAMES EWING? LOL! the rate of pay that the drivers make each week, it would behoove everyone to move on and go to Robertson Ready Mix! LOL! At least they clear over a thousand dollars a week. Why stay and be critiqued and micro managed to the point of crazy!

However, the question should be...why would people in leadership make their jobs harder by being just plain ass holes. All because they feel threatened by someone or something! What is it? Why? Is it because they have low self-esteem. Answer that BOBBY! Is that why after a little over a year...not even half of your break bulk even knows who you are! MRL is one of the biggest break bulks in the nation! NOT EVEN HALF! Sad and sorry! But, hey some people work better in murk and mire and haphazardness!
Not me! I had my BMW, HOUSE, MONEY and other things when I found…NO ACTUALLY FEDEX…found me! I worked for WATKINS TRUCK LINES and HENRY METZGER…two things better by 150 percent than FEDEX, MARK LINK, BOB TILLET, JAMES EWING, ALEX PARRA, KATHY FROHOCK, OR EVEN MRL. Why? Because they or it…was never a WATKINS EMPLOYEE! They all came from horrible companies and horrible careers to a place that never, ever had one single problem. YRCW, ESTES, GI TRUCKING…and God know from where else…to run a once proud group of people that fished, went to the lake and visited homes of each drivers on the weekend to eat dinner with our families.
It all evolved into locked management doors with card FOBS and walls being put up between the drivers and leadership. Then a ACCOPS and KRONOS system put into place that is way over the top to move a damn pallet of freight from one end of the country to the other. YOU CAN DO IT WITH A PEN AND A PIECE OF PAPER AND TRUSTY WORTHY GOOD DRIVERS AND GREAT DOCK WORKERS! The CN3’s ARE DUMB!
Remember guys…these buffons never were WATKINS…they all came from BAD MANAGED TRUCKING COMPANIES…they all were failures before they arrived there…unlike US! Where a number of you guys were making well over three figure incomes and not just the owners of one home, but the owners of vacation homes and lot more toys than you have now!
I will post the videos! I will let you all decide the truth. I know the jurists are going to like the videos. My attorneys did! Still waiting on my OK to post the videos from Mr. Williams.

Mario said...

The reason Mira Loma cheats the system, is because Robert Tillett doesn't have a clue in running a huge Hub. Being a regional sale director is not the same as being a Service Center Manager, why? Because sale is train to bull shit and lie. SCM are train to run straight forward.

Mario said...

This bob and mark are individuals that relied on corporatism and the material world, in other words, greed... They could care not for humanity of life, meaning the well being of your family. Ask them if they were in your shoes, how would the employees feel about them loosing their jobs? Probably the employees would feel ecstatic and joyful. Remember bob and mark, what goes around comes around, you mistreat employees with animosity and hatred and retaliation, you loose respect. You treat employees with respect and dignity and you will have an awesome Team. But the leadership in mira loma fails tremendously because bob wants to show his dark side, use weak employees for example to show others that this could happen to you too, if you don't comply. Because of this kind of action shown by bob and mark, a union is needed now!

John Wakefield said...

Mr.Hairston, is there any governing on your management? Who watches the supervision there in Mira Loma? What you need to do Mr.Hairston is expose this into a bigger panorama. You should call Thom Hartmann on Friday, anything goes, any topic. It's on 1050 Am Progressive radio from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm and is satellite radio too. Plus It's also web-radio. The phone # is 1-866-987-8466

thom hartman fan said...

That's ktlk 1150 am in your area.

Brian Hairston - WAS MRL DRIVER ON LIST! GLAD... said...

Mr. Wakefield that is a very good question. Who keeps an eye on the leadership at Mira Loma. The old adage of "Am I my brother's keeper?" To emphasize the fact that Cain was trying to deny the fact that he had any responsibility for caring for his brother, as many of us show little concern for our brothers (DRIVERS, DOCK AND OFFICE WORKERS).

Since the resignation of our past wonderful Service Center Manager Henry, approximately a year and four months ago it became clear that we here at MRL formerly SBC and SBR were in desperate need of a brother’s keeper. We all have many responsibilities toward each other.

The evidence became even clearer only two weeks after the departure of a very good SCM, Henry. A man that was engaging and dedicated to his employees. He was fair and equal across the board and was able to stop and take the time to listen to his people. What was very impressive about Henry was that he reacted with a positive vigor. He was also able to keep a tight grip and control on a handful of operations managers that were very volatile and explosive towards other workers. Unlike our current SCM Bob Tillet.

Bob Tillet has, been and is a complete failure. Being a success should include all of the things that Henry and or any other half their salt SCM manage can actually do in their sleep. A lot of the guys would say to me, Brian…you could run this place with your hands tied behind your back and blind folded. The joke was a representation of how everyone feels; Bobby Tillet is running the terminal as of April 27, 2011.

You see, Henry was our brothers’ keeper and a great teacher and mentor. He used the words; ENGAGING EMPLOYEE equals a great place to work!

Bob Tillet has failed to reign in his imperious explosive leadership. He failed to even identify any of these imprudent leaders when he arrived at SBC, now MRL. He sat in the two story building in the old dispatch office, not even sitting in Henry’s old office, while he waited almost two weeks for a password for his computer. He never introduced himself, let alone go out and put out feelers to find out which leadership personnel had already dug themselves a hole. All he did was demonstrate a hands off approach…and allowed something that was not BROKEN to become BROKEN!

SBC – MRL was not broken until BOBBY BOY TILLET arrived.

What is broken? How about Scott the new operations manager who was for years a HOT HEADED supervisor, with racial and sexual undertones…. and a powder keg waiting to explode. SCOTT JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO ASSAULTED A DOCK WORKER! This is all on video tape! Something that all of us knew he was capable of doing. Why did this happen and then Bob Tillet did not push for Scotts’ termination? After Bob Tillet viewed the video tape. Because Bob Tillet is so busy sitting in his office with his lights turned off, hoping that this dodo brains will keep his job for him.

I guess he never heard of the, "The Caine Mutiny". You, Bobby boy are playing the role of captain Queeg! A sad sorry man on a ship that you are sorely losing command of, while everyone watches you and laugh!


Here is what you should have done! We frequently use the term insubordination to imply that an employee has not complied with a request from a supervisor. Making a legal case of insubordination requires the employee to have full knowledge of his/her action. Just telling an employee to do something does not mean that the employee received the message, understood the message, or understands the consequences from not complying with the message. Legal insubordination cases require a much higher threshold of understood evidence than the common term of simple insubordination. Supervisors must understand that difference to prevail in cases of insubordination.

Other causes for discipline are generally easier to pursue and just as effective. (HOWEVER YOU HAD NOTHING…SO YOU JUST WROTE INSUBORDINATION ON THE PAPERWORK…FOR A NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS)! You are like the substitute school bus driver BOB!
When you should have been out monitoring, Mark Link, Scott, Josh Bowers, Danny Martinez, Kevin Baher and Juan Contreras.
However, you had a lot of help from Kathy Frohock, Gene McVey, Alex Parra and some new guy named James Ewing. I think James Ewing has a few family members working at FedEx…may be breaking some nepotism rules or something. Or is James Ewing your BOY from LOS ANGELES? I think he is! All of these people helped you, for what reason, I do not know. However, the people can accept the fact that they are all enablers of your failure. THE WHOLE TERMINAL KNOWS! PLUS I HAVE A LOT OF IT IN VIVID COLOR AND SOUND! They actually help you fail each and every day. Kathy for one, by not taking the concerns of the drivers and other employees who have continually complained about Mark Link being a racist and a demigod, with a seditions and threatening city dispatch crew.
This lady, Kathy never ever once investigated anything that was told to her and spun the truth, after other people gave things to her in writing. However, what is going to bite back and hurt her is that there are tapes. Tapes of people talking to her, the HR administrator at SBC - MRL, with clear sound and picture of the complaints and her making all these platitudes to fix the problem and talk to MARK LINK, and his dispatchers. We talked to her about RACISISM, AGE DISCRIMINATION, THE CITY DISPATCH NOT FOLLOWING POLICY AND ALL TYPES OF FIASCOS, that were and still going on in MRL. You see, Kathy I go to church with these drivers, they come to my home and eat my homemade pancakes! Their children swim in my pool…THEY ARE MY FRIENDS. I am their brother’s keeper. And you too are a liar. Would have never figured you for one!
As a former Local 99 Union steward for LAUSD. I will continue to stand with the employees of MRL and I will continue to help those that are in need of information to test or need assistance with the DMV. As my credentials, I had before FEDEX and will continue to keep them well after my $650 dollar a week job had become, after WATKINS paid me and all of us more than double that sum. I hope and pray that, that sum changes for a lot of you guys and gals. I can only say that, that sum is not worth what FedEx require of you guys! You are worth more than that.
I have been asked to be on a radio show this coming Friday. I have had a number of phone calls and text messages from a lot of people. I may take the time to sit down with one of my attorneys to see if it would feasible for me to go on the show. We will see FRIDAY!

Anonymous said...

Im a driver in los (SLG now) and those stories about bobby boy they go on and on...they manipulate the system,he did worst things in los angeles,for example who do you think is the terminal manager in las vegas? the former operations manager in los angeles his boy(friend) they are coming from yrc...and i think if we dont stop them he will try for west regional manager. about the lady kathy frohock. we the drivers had alot of complains about the dispachers and talked to her and she simply talk to bobby and point fingers,thas why here in (SLG) the ltl drivers we didnt say nothing.we were so happy when he was gone.Now that freight took over the management still play alot of favortisim and doesnt respect seniority...this company sucks it was better when watkins or national...MANAGMENT SUCKS> SLG needs to step it up and do something...About the merge no one at ltl was happy with this now is to late but we could go union and not have the feeling that i have to do no mistake(which is not natural)cause they will right me up...GO UNION

The Great Papillon said...

Mira Loma does need a union, we really need a Collective Bargaining Agreement. We have managers that don't respect us workers, doesn't give us dignity of recognition and last don't follow the corporate's new rule. Here in Mira Loma, our terminal manager Bob Tillett condones violence, he allows PM red shirt like Scott to push and shove our dockworkers. Yes this is true, every PM dockworker saw the incident, plus it was capture on the dock cameras and you think Bob would reprimand this Scott? No he didn't, even after watching video.
But if it was the other way around, where the dockworker might of push a red shirt, bam! Bob would be calling Riverside Sheriff.
Also you have Operation Manager like Mark Link, being a fucking control freak, not following seniority rules, allowing lower seniority to start before the true seniority.
When you confront Mark about your seniority being violated, all he always says is he could do what ever he wants, that he has the rights to do and change rules and that there is nobody to stop him.
So this mean that Bob grants him full power? Screw the corporate rules. That the rule of engagements is the buddy buddy systems, H.R scratches management back and management scratches H.R back...
Now I can say to every body here in Mira Loma, that for many years we have been put in FEAR by this terrible monsters, using the weak employees for examples, reprimanding others in front of others to create FEAR.
Now is time to make a change, let's organize, let's take control, Stop the evil managers. Gain your Respect and Dignity back and make your voice be heard without retaliation.
Like Joe Nuño said Knowledge is Power, use the power of Knowledge that corporate fears and don't let Bob Tillett and Mark Link take your Power of Knowledge away.

from an ex-staff member said...

Hey great papillon, the buddy buddy system does exist here at our southern region, I don't know if you remember over a year and some months in Devore when 5 red shirts got fired for tampering with the kronos? And the mastermind Operation Manager got away with it.
That mastermind O M was Alex Parra, who now is the assistant terminal manager in Mira Loma, wow! What a coincidence that the possibility of that video might have been tampered? And maybe this Bob might not have seen any proof of burden, or maybe he was involved in this buddy buddy system too.
The reason I am telling you this papillon, is because Alex Parra has a buddy in HR department there in Devore. They are old friends from back then, his name is Nathan King.
Nathan covered for Alex Parra, the good old buddy buddy boy system, Alex should have been fired along with the red shirts too, Alex was the one who showed this red shirts the bad habits and the tampering of the computer and kronos

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, is not even unionize yet and Mira Loma is already failing
What's that tells you fellas, bad management and left overs from poor run down corporates, especially CF has been.

Mira Loma FedEx has no Justice said...

It seems Bob Tillett is more afraid of Scott than to reprimanding him. Everybody knows Scott is a walking bomb, ready to go off. FedEx Corporate is allowing work violence hostility conducted by immediate supervisor. Is FedEx a hypocrite corporation? Did everyone here in Mira Loma watch a video on work violence at the workplace and signed the sheet?
Did the video not show procedures on identifying hostilities, Emotional people, violent people?
What are the procedures that one must do before It's too late to control the situation?
One must report situation to Human Resource, if situation is in 1st degree violence, avoid situation and immediately call 911.
Management are the first to watch video, so why are they allowing this to happen at your workplaces? Especially from management!

irudedog said...

Your spot on Papillon keep up with your good comment.

Anonymous said...

Im glade that their getting what they desurve. Those three including kathy need to relize that you all are not untouchable. Poeple get power and they think they can walk all over people just not right. Respect, and honesty will go futher then lieing, deciving, instigating, and just trying to make a paper trail. This is suppost to be the best 100 companies to work for. More like the 101 compaines. This company does surveys what for the employees dont like this place anymore. Also making the employees wait for raises while they try to make it to work while gas rises. the main thing is just stop treating people like your aso smart and their dump. Your the dumb ones not the employees who just wanna feed their family's and not take their stress home with them. Otherwise the company suffers to with lawsuits and attory's and so forth.

The Great Papillon said...

Hey brother, about the raises... most likely you're probably going to wait a longtime for that raise.
According to Kathy Frohock, FedEx corporate has to paid the stock shareholders first and if there is any left over, maybe you'll get a raise.



Today, 5-3-2011, Old Bobby Boy Tillet decides to break bread with a few of his drivers. However, once again Bob Tillet is an absolute fool. This guy brings to the employee round table meeting, bread product from Panera Bread! HUH! What? You have to be kidding, was the remark I made after a person in leadership called to tell me this.

Bobby, after all your failures and non-interaction with the employees, your obsolete and sedition investigations. You go out and decide to bring bread to a round table meeting. A meeting with guys and other employees that, still to this day have no clue as to who you are, but what you represent. An absolute failure.

Here, Bobby Boy…let me give you some advice on trying to warm up to 500 or so employees that have no clue as to who you are, but an empty suit.

The first thing you do, you buffoon is to NOT bring bread to a meeting! Especially meetings, with a room full of people that think you are an idiot. Here is the semblance of the bread being brought to the meeting, Bobby Boy!

Bringing bread represents to people a number of symbolisms. However, everyone at MRL can go out on a limb and be safe from falling into a pit of alligators, when they all feel this way about you bringing BREAD to a round table meeting with a hand full of employees.

Here is why:
SYMBOLISMS OF BREAD: SO THE SIMPLE MIND OF BOBBY BOY CAN UNDERSTAND HIS OWN DUMB MISTAKE AGAIN! Maybe he should host another company Bar B Q for the low bill count around that place!

Someone's bread and butter - someone's basic income; someone's livelihood—the source of one's food.

(I can't miss another day of work as a FedEx driver my bread and butter is in the overtime!) NOT! 10-19 or if you are an office worker going home in six hours as a full time employee at MRL. Stand up, NOW and be counted!)

Bread always falls on the buttered side - When things go wrong, they go completely wrong.

(Not only did my phone break, but it broke today—today of all days, when I'm expecting a really important call…from customers! DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER HOW LONG THE PHONES WERE BROKEN WHEN BOBBY BOY CAME, THEY WERE BROKEN FOR WELL OVER SIX WEEKS…IF NOT LONGER.)

Our former and much better SCM, Henry would have been all over AT and T. In fact he had been all over them…I remember one day turning into the yard and he and Rich Meyers were out on Riverside talking to AT and T, standing by transformers and a ditch AT&T dug! What did Bobby Boy…do…he let the phones ring in Los Angeles or not ring at all for six plus weeks. When we were trying to take all of YRC freight and stomp their necks. Kind of funny, now thinking that maybe BOBBY BOY…was helping out his old company YRC stay afloat! Someone should investigate that situation and find out, why he kept the phones out of service for such a big break bulk, missing pick ups and trailer swaps at some major customers. WHY?

Bread and water - the most minimal meal possible; a meal as once was given to prisoners.

(Usually used in reference to being in prison or jail. Or just a plain old institution such as FedEx has exemplified itself as! Bobby Boy I guess you are the warden of that old greying heap of steaming brown promise. If you stare at it long enough, it will turn PURPLE…and maybe promise you something. Maybe a diamond!)



Bread is the staff of life - Food is necessary for people to survive.
(However, FedEx salary for all employees is below poverty level. So, I will now take this moment to say….PAY THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DESERVE! MORE MONEY, KEEP YOUR BREAD.)

Bread-and-butter letter - a letter or note written to follow up on a visit; a thank-you note.

(This is a clear reference of you asking Mark Link if Alex would change his letter to assist you in your lie you told to Kathy. NOTE TO YOU BOB! I HAVE VIDEO! Or this could be a direct reference of Kathy asking several people to change their written statements in regard to you threatening several people with violence and kicking some ass on your property…I wonder if Fred Smith knows that MRL is your property?) Did you get your bread and butter letter, BOBBY BOY from any of those guys? NO you did not!)

Cast one's bread upon the waters - Act generous because you feel it is right and not because you expect a reward.

(Did you want several of the employees in the round table meeting today, this morning to make a generous contribution to your wrong cause of sedition and lies?) I mean several of the guys wrote negative reports on you in other peoples favor. Then you abruptly invite them to a FEDEX ROUND TABLE meeting, and they are not even round table participants, which I have a copy of the current list of people on the round table. Why did you not invite the regular round table members to their own responsibilities as round table members?

Know which side one's bread is buttered on -in order to survive, people need more than physical things like food and shelter. People need mental or spiritual things like satisfaction and love.

(Bob were your representing the fact that you are LOVED at MRL and that no matter how many accounts you are not fighting for, that the employees of MRL should love you and not their (NOW MISERABLE PAY CHECKS!)

Man does not live by bread alone….

Prophecies Bobby Boy…

Well, Bobby Boy. I am sure the new OS and D supervisor Sasha is very aware of all of these bread prophecies and symbolism. I mean... she learned very quickly from you, Alex Parra and then quickly taught Mark Link on how to create DOCK WORKERS THAT DO NOT EXIST OR EVER WORKED FOR FEDEX in order to move OS and D freight.

Just cut a bill…with a fraudulent OS and D NO BILL FORM and PRO number and Dock worker… Um…Note to BOBBY…those dock workers do not exist…!

What is funnier is how I found out what you guys were doing. Thanks to me being liked by more people than the four of you have rocks for brains. You see….Best Buy Supervisors told me what was going on…because Sasha…told one of them what you guys were doing? Then the BB supervisor gave me all the PRO numbers that were moved from OS and D! When I checked all 275 bills, not one of the bills were cut by a real dock employee. But, all the hand writing on the no bill forms…were Sasha’s, and Alex Parra’s! HUM! You guys have to be smarter than that…


Anonymous said...

Brian Hairston you are the fool. If what you say is true, you can go to jail and be sued by everyone you recorded!

Mr. Hairston to you ! said...

LOL!  That is funny.  Then take me to jail.  But, first they must pay me big bucks for lying to everyone and playing dumb games.  That is funny.  Sounds like a person in leadership.  Where people like to scream,  I am calling the police or something else, when they are the ones that are doing wrong.  Why do people doing WRONG always want to call the POLICE.  
How about we call the ETHICAL POLICE ON ALL OF THEM!  Let's see Mark Link, Bobby Boy Tillet, Kathy Froohock, Danny Martinez, Juan Contreras, Josh Bowers, Alex Parra and you complete the list....
Call the POLICE!
Please...CALL them...!  Why do stupid people always scream CALL THE POLICE.  How about F the POLICE. 
This is real...not a game, and YES I DO HAVE VIDEO TAPE or should I say my counselors have the video tapes!
And it is MR.  HAIRSTON to you!   
Oh, and by the way.  You had better know what my resume indicates before you begin to post links about anything concerning the law.  So, if you were not there when I walked the stage to get my degree and know what is printed on it....then you should remain silent.  As my educational background is well developed in that area.  I am sure there are a number of drivers who can vouch for me, as my expertise and knowledge of the law has been a benefit to many of them.  As it could have been for FEDEX.  I do not drive a 760LI for nothing and it sure was not by FEDEX help! 

Anonymous said...

Those supervisors dont smile like that or grete you so nice. They are mostly mean and rude.

Anonymous said...

Those supervisors dont smile like that or grete you so nice. They are mostly mean and rude.

Sacramento yard said...

This would be a reason that I would never recommend anybody to work for FedEx, I got two more years to complete my 30yrs in this legalize slavery Corporate outfit. When I am at gatherings or partys and people start talking about their jobs, how they treat employees at their company, guaranteeing them a fabulous wages to brag about, and when it comes to me I try to weasel myself out of their conversation.
But sometimes, I just can't weasel myself out, I tell them the truth about FedEx, that this is the 100th worst corporation to work for!! That this corporation allows mistreatment, unfair labor practice, slashing of wages, taking benefits away or making you pay higher percentage and less coverage. Also let them know how you're just a slave for this company, I address them about how FedEx wants to pay you now on the Rail runs, hourly when you go to the rail yards and when come back to FedEx yards It's milage paid and not hourly anymore, that you loose money, but FedEx corporate gains.
Man after I tell them my story about FedEx misconducts, they don't know what to say or just start Crying.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to go to far to find that you are a slave to this company ,the other day the dispatcher on the Dallas terminal (KEN) ask me have you used your extension this week because you have to keep turning ,i was close to my 12 hrs not only driving but working on the dock,this guy must be crazy,i said that is a DOT violation and i just told you I'm too tired to keep turning ,that is a safety issue ,he call central to try and scare me but the fool game the phone to explain why i was refusing to keep working,so i said to the guy on the line what KEN was asking me to do and the guy agree with me ask me to pass the phone back and after that KEN dispatch me home