Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Must Attend Organizing Meeting This Weekend!

DATE: SUNDAY, April 10,2011

TIME: 8:30-11:00 A.M.



Bring a co-worker to their first meeting or your spouse. The Merger is underway, like it or not setting equipment a fire is not the answer. Come learn what you and your co-workers can do.

Knowledge is POWER!


irudedog said...

yesterdays meeting was very informative and productive. thank you to all who showed up. with great insight of what is happening all around the southern area terminals in so. cal.
thanks once again to 952 and 63 reps !

Anonymous said...

Favoritism is alive and well at slg terminal: Jamie chavez a dock driver who is scheduled to start at 1500 comes in at 0900 and does the yard check or any other thing peter, nick or rod want him to do. he is being hidden, as in he isn't on the pd board. word around here is Jamie's wife is a real estate broker and helped peter get a house and now peter is taking care of him!!! We need to organize now!

ugly sunkist said...

I think u mean jaime chavez with a last four employee # of 2400... and isn't he a 1400 dock driver????? And why is it he still comes in 5 to 6 hours ahead of bid for yard check?? I thought they had a 1200 national driver bid, doing a 1000 yard check now?? But the drivers that came from Whittier cant start 2 hours ahead of bid,then obviously 6hours ahead of bid IS stretching it...when Nick was confronted about former national drivers starting early he said he doesn't remember anybody starting before us because we can only start 30 minutes before or after bid.

Anonymous said...

the problem here is not ltl vs freight... which is all frt now,the problem is favoritism i was with ltl and things had always been like this and it got worst with the merge.I dont really care about the equipment that I drive but they said thatwe were not supposte to drive the volvos and i see couple of guys driving them.Nick covarruvias he wasnt never a dispatcher before he is there for James Ewing his party friend, and this guy tries to intimidate you talking to u in a prepotent way but he is a nobody...